Revenant in Apex Legends: How to Play

What’s Special about Revenant in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one of the most popular hero-shooter games in the industry right now. And the game’s new arena mode has it poised to become even more popular at esports tournaments.

With a diverse roster of characters to play with and unlock, newcomers may be wondering which of them they should be aiming for first.

Revenant in Apex Legends is one such hero players may find interesting. He can be a complex character to use but can also fill various roles with his unique abilities. Those with an aggressive playstyle and good movement will enjoy their time with him.

Revenant in Apex Legends
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Understanding Revenant’s Abilities

As stated before, Revenant’s toolkit can be difficult for beginners. However, those who master him can reap some enormous benefits. All characters, including Revenant in Apex Legends, have three passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities.

Passive abilities are the most common and don’t need much effort to trigger. Ultimate abilities take some time to charge and are usually the character’s most powerful ability.

Revenant’s passive ability is titled, Stalker. It allows him to crouch-walk at the same speed as normal walks while still being silent. It’s great for blindside ambushes and can make Revenant a pain for enemy players to shoot at in a gunfight.

Revenant’s tactical ability is titled Silence. Once activated, he’ll throw a device that deals damage to other characters and disables their abilities for up to fifteen seconds. The device will remain on the field for ten seconds and block doorways and narrow pathways, making it useful for area control.

Revenant’s ultimate ability is titled Death Totem and is very, very strong in capable hands. Once used, it will protect anybody on the team who interacts with it from death. When downed or killed, players will simply return to the totem with half health, not including shields.

Tips for Playing Revenant

Revenant’s biggest strengths come from his silent movements and abilities that debuff his enemies and give immunity to him and his allies. Still, there are some important mistakes players should try and avoid while using him.

One important thing to remember when using his Death Totem ultimate is placement. He and his allies will return to the totem on death, so putting the Death Totem in a good spot is critical.

It’s also important to remember to be in the range of the Death Totem’s effects. Going too far out will break the connection, and players won’t return to it on death.

The Death Totem is also not as powerful as it used to be. Recent updates have given audio and visual clues to let enemies know when it’s close to expiration. And as for Revenant himself, recalling the totem will momentarily give him a slow effect.

The Death Totem is still a very powerful ability on the battlefield, but Revenant users should be wise and cautious, not reckless when using it. As for his tactical and passive abilities, there are a couple of helpful tips to remember.

His stalker ability can trick enemies, either by sneaking up on them or making noise and then quietly shuffling away. It’s also extremely useful in gunfights. Revenant can maintain his strafe speed while crouching, making him a difficult target to hit.

Revenant users should also remember his silence ability only uses one hand. This means that while throwing and activating the device, he can be doing something else. That includes shooting back, throwing a grenade, reloading, and even healing.

Revenant is one of the most enjoyable characters to use when mastered. Obviously, there’s no greater method than practice, but hopefully, these tips can give players a head start.

Written by Allan Zeng