LEC 2022 Spring Week 5 Recap

The LEC 2022 Spring Split Week 5 is over now with Rogue getting their first losses, Fnatic and G2 Esports getting closer to the leadership. Here is our recap for last week’s LEC action!

LEC 2022 Spring Week 5 Day 1


  • Team BDS | 0 – 1 | Misfits Gaming
  • Rogue | 0 – 1 | Astralis
  • Team Vitality | 0 – 1 | EXCEL
  • SK Gaming | 0 – 1 | Fnatic
  • MAD Lions | 0 – 1 | G2 Esports

What happened:

In the opening game of the esports tournament LEC 2022 Spring Split Week 5, Misfits Gaming secured their sixth win this season. Vetheo’s Zoe worked up perfectly for them, just like it did last season. Misfits took home the victory and Team BDS’ streak increased up to three games. In the most surprising result of the week, LEC’s latest seeded Astralis, managed to win their game against the leader Rogue. Fun fact, coming into the game, Astralis had zero wins and Rogue had zero losses.

The dream team, Team Vitality’s, streak lasted until the first day of week five. EXCEL took down their strong opponents to get higher in the standings. EXCEL’s newest addition to the roster, Mikyx, had an insane Lux performance to help his team win the game. As expected, Fnatic secured a fairly easy win over SK Gaming to get closer to the first seed. Humanoid’s Ryze carried the game for Fnatic as he was dominant all over the map throughout the game. Lastly, G2 Esports took down the latest champions, MAD Lions to keep their score even with Fnatic. MAD aren’t as strong as they were last year.

LEC 2022 Spring Week 5 Day 2


  • Team BDS | 0 – 1 | EXCEL
  • SK Gaming | 0 – 1 | MAD Lions
  • Rogue | 0 – 1 | Misfits Gaming
  • G2 Esports | 1 – 0 | Astralis
  • Team Vitality | 0 – 1 | Fnatic

What happened:

Team BDS’ fall continued as they lost another esports game to EXCEL. On the other side, EXCEL improved their winning streak to three games, remaining in the playoff bracket. Despite making a disappointing start to the week, MAD Lions picked where they left off and secured an important win over SK to have their names within the playoff bracket. Another surprise for this week, Misfits Gaming got into beast mode to upset Rogue with their second loss of the season. The Rogue squad looked far away from their early week performances but things may change in the upcoming weeks.

G2 Esports pulled out a victory over Astralis, the team that got their first win this week. Most of the fans didn’t expect much from Astralis against Rogue and G2 Esports but they somehow managed to compete at the highest level. By getting this win, G2 Esports are now one win away from the leadership. Speaking of the championship race, Fnatic are also in the race and they proved it once again by winning an important game against Team Vitality. Fnatic showed the importance of chemistry to win the game and keep their wins equal with G2 Esports.

The LEC Spring Split Week 5 is behind us now after great excitement and joy. If you want to learn more about the competition, you can start by checking the LEC 2022 Spring 4 recap.