LEC 2022 Spring Week 8 Recap

Playoff participants and the bracket is set now as the LEC 2022 Spring Week 8 is behind us. MAD Lions put on an esports show and almost pulled out a miracle to lock in for playoffs but failed to complete the job in the end.

LEC 2022 Spring Week 8 Day 1


  • SK Gaming | 1 – 0 | Rogue
  • Misfits Gaming | 1 – 0 | Astralis
  • Team Vitality | 0 – 1 | MAD Lions
  • G2 Esports | 1 – 0 | EXCEL
  • Team BDS | 0 – 1 | Fnatic

What happened:

SK Gaming was one of the teams that competed for a playoff spot in the LEC 2022 Spring Week 8. The German organisation started its last week strongly with an important win over the leader Rogue. Secondly, Misfits Gaming had a fairly easy matchup against the last team in the standings, Astralis. MSF won the game without any problems and continued its way.

Besides SK, MAD Lions also had a solid chance to participate in the playoffs and the team picked up a miraculous win over Team Vitality to keep its hopes alive. Team Vitality was the team that MAD was trying to take down to get into the playoffs. G2 Esports guaranteed its playoff chance last week and the players were trying to have fun, as well as trying to get the third spot. G2 demolished EXCEL to start the week with confidence. Lastly, Rogue’s closest competitor, Fnatic, grabbed an easy win against Team BDS. BDS was one of the two teams that were unable to participate in the playoffs.

LEC 2022 Spring Week 8 Day 2


  • SK Gaming | 0 – 1 | EXCEL
  • MAD Lions | 1 – 0 | Astralis
  • Team BDS | 0 – 1 | Rogue
  • Misfits Gaming | 1 – 0 | Fnatic
  • Team Vitality | 0 – 1 | G2 Esports

What happened:

After making a strong start to the week, SK Gaming came up against EXCEL but this time, Erberk “Gilius” Demir failed to carry his team on his shoulders. SK faced an important loss on its way to the playoffs. MAD Lions’ rise continued as the team deleted Astralis from the rift. Steven “Reeker” Chen’s clutch performance came in handy for the latest LEC champion.

The leader, Rogue, picked up an easy win over Team BDS to strengthen its leadership. Markos “Comp” Stamkopoulos won the MVP award. Just like MAD, Misfits Gaming was also on fire thanks to Matus “Neon” Jakubcik’s incredible efforts. MSF grabbed an important win in its game against Fnatic and improved its winning streak before the last day of the regular season. Lastly, Sergen “Broken Blade” Çelik starred in G2 Esports’ win over Team Vitality. With this loss, Luka “Perkz” Perkovic and his teammates’ hopes were damaged but they still had a huge chance.

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LEC 2022 Spring Week 8 Day 3


  • SK Gaming | 1 – 0 | Misfits Gaming
  • Team Vitality | 1 – 0 | Astralis
  • Team BDS | 0 – 1 | MAD Lions
  • Fnatic | 1 – 0 | EXCEL
  • Rogue | 1 – 0 | G2 Esports

What happened:

SK Gaming had the first game just like the first two days and the team surprised many fans with an unexpected win against Misfits Gaming. Secondly, Team Vitality demolished Astralis to have its name on the playoff bracket. Despite picking up a convincing win against Team BDS, MAD Lions failed to make it to the playoff stage as Team Vitality secured a win on the last day. Fnatic managed to upset EXCEL to even its record with Rogue for the first place but Rogue grabbed the last win of the regular season against G2 Esports to secure the first spot.

One of the most popular esports tournaments in the world, the LEC Playoffs will begin soon!