Most Impactful LoL Summer Roster Changes

Last year, Covid-19 took the world by storm and, unfortunately, halted esports betting and competitions for League of Legends. Fans are excited as the world is finally gaining some normalcy, and we can actually get to enjoy some international League of Legends.

Like all sports, roster changes happen during every off-season. Team sports are production-based businesses, and your inability to produce can be the reason why a team may move on from you. However, players also change rosters to seek out new opportunities to find their success. This Summer was full of changes, and here are the three most impactful roster changes in League of Legends esports.

Roster Change #3

Team World Elite (WE) wasted no time this year as they recently signed mid-laner Mole from Victory5 to join their starting roster for the Summer. The organization announced the change after a below-average showing by their former mid-laner, Shanks. They were eliminated 3-0 by Suning Gaming in the second round of playoffs. Team WE has not represented the LPL at a World Championship since 2017.

Mole brings major flexibility to the Team We roster as they climb to get back over the hump. It has yet to be confirmed if Shanks will remain on the roster as a sub or seek new opportunity somewhere else.

Roster Change #2

JD Gaming recently parted ways with mid-lanerr Xiye just six months after he joined the team. His player contract was terminated, and he is now a free agent. Xiye was an LPL veteran, and the team relied a lot on his experience as a professional to help lead JD to new heights.

We don’t know yet if Xiye will stay or if Yagao will be JD Gaming’s sole mid laner. Unfortunately, Xiye only had one opportunity to showcase his ability, but he’s been on China’s competitive scene since 2013. Lately, Xiye has switched teams a few times, but it is unclear if we will get to see him in the LPL this year.

Roster Change #1

Most Impactful LoL Summer Roster Changes
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Evil Geniuses released their starting AD carry Matthew “ Deftly” Chen from the organization. This move was to promote and spotlight 17- year- old Evil Geniuses prodigy bot laner Kyle “Danny” Sakamaki.

The news broke after Evil Geniuses failed to finalize a roster change that would have landed them TSM Academy bot laner Lost. Lost becoming the starting ADC for TSM forced the Evil Geniuses hand to make a move themselves. However, the way the move played out may have been in the best interest of Evil Geniuses. Danny has so much potential. and the sky’s the limit for this kid’s ability to help carry Evil Geniuses to LPL glory.

Written by John Robinson IV