Alethea AI launches ‘Fusion’, user-generated, AI iNFT creation platform

Alethea AI recently released Fusion, a user-generated AI platform that allows non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to be transformed into intelligent and interactive NFTs (iNFTs). It creates innovative games with human and NFT AI characters engaging in intellectual battles. In essence, it integrates blockchain assets, intelligent AI characters, and gaming.

Alathea AI CEO Arif Khan said in an interview with GamesBeat that Fame Lady Squad was the first NFT community Alethea collaborated with. This community is capable of infusing 10,000 NFTs with unique, distinct, and valuable AI personalities.

Fame Lady avatars will be more than mere static images as they can create written content, generate music and video, recite poetry, and interact with their creators in real-time. This opens the door to a brand-new era of interactive avatars and assets developed on the blockchain.

“NFTs need not start and end with JPEGs, they don’t need to be stationary or static,” Khan said. “Instead, they can be engaging, interactive, and provide utility. By embedding these NFTs with cutting-edge AI tools, we give them superpowers to become useful participants in the emerging Metaverse.”

Fame Lady Squad NFTs can now fuse with Alethea’s collection of Personality Pods, which is available on OpenSea. Users can create an iNFT by fusing a supported collection with a Personality Pod live on Alethea’s Intelligent Metaverse called Noah’s Ark.

Their carousel of characters include an iNFT that offers AI services. More NFT collections will be available in the future through the iNFT Launchpad.

Alethea AI iNFT services

INFTs provide three AI services for content creation and interactivity—Recite, Broadcast, and Interact.

Users can upload their own audio to Recite, and the iNFT will lip-synch to it. With Broadcast, users can produce a video using the iNFT’s voice. With Interact, users can have a conversation with the iNFT in real-time, including asking questions such as “what is your favorite metaverse?” or “What is the meaning of life?”.

Future AI Services will support art production in addition to drafting and editing copy, composing music, and integrating with other metaverses.

“It is incredibly exciting to deliver increased utility for the Fame Lady Squad community. Fusion marks a historic shift, not only for Aletheans who already hold Personality Pods, but for both NFT natives and tourists to engage with assets like never before,” said Khan. “We at Alethea are proud to pioneer this paradigm shift, and look forward to ushering in a new age of intelligent NFTs.”

Holders of iNFTs on Noah’s Ark will earn ALI Utility Tokens depending on how often visitors interact with their iNFTs. Accordingly, holders will benefit from the Noah’s Ark ecosystem based on their iNFT’s popularity. Khan explained that only humans could take on AI characters in intelligence battles at first, but later iNFTs would be able to compete against other iNFTs.

“At Fame Lady Squad, we aim to empower artists, creators, and entrepreneurs in Web3. Fusion opens up a new opportunity for members of our community to increase the utility of their Fame Lady NFTs, enabling them to build a custom personality for their beloved NFT and create more content with this asset,” said Fame Lady Squad co-owner Bored Becky in a statement. “We’re thrilled to be one of the first launch partners for Fusion, and can’t wait to see what our community creates.”