Battle royale NFT shooter BR1 rewards players with tokens for kills

BR1 is an in-development battle-royale shooter by Bravo Ready where players pay to spawn but can make back their investment using kill-to-earn mechanics.

The game features two game modes. The first is Infinite, which has a large, open map that incentives players to move deeper into the center. The deeper a player explores the map, the more powerful weapons and items they can find. This comes with a challenge, though — obstacles will spawn that make it harder for players to return. Higher risk, higher reward. The Alpha version of this mode is slated to be released in Q4 of this year,

The second mode is Free-for-All, a “condensed” version of the Infinite game mode where players can play for free and still earn $USD for kills they get. It is designed to be a stepping stone for players to get into the main game mode, get used to the mechanics, and train their aim. This mode will be ported to mobile and is currently available to play.

Players can either choose to be Apes or Droids, with Humans coming soon. This choice of character acts as the player’s unique avatar and does not currently influence gameplay beyond appearance. Apes are the more popular choice right now, with only 2,500 in supply and a floor price of 5.55 SOL. Droids have 7,500 in supply and a floor price of 1.8 SOL.

BR1’s design principles

The first design principle BR1 is built around is the financial risk where players have to pay to spawn in, but eliminating others will reward the player with real currency. A player can either earn their fallen foe’s entry fee or get 10 percent of the wealth that the player they eliminated made in a particular round.

Players don’t lose everything when they die, however. Players can retain 85 percent of their earnings, potentially keeping enough for another opportunity. The earnings can be seen transparently on a public leaderboard and can be easily withdrawn to a personal wallet, keeping liquidity high.

The second is the lack of a timer. While this could cause a battle royale game to stagnate as players hide from each other, BR1 has a procedurally generated map that uses obstacles and item placements to incentivize riskier positioning. This funnels players towards the center, ensuring that players will be able to fight and earn.

Bravo Ready raised over $3 million in funding in July of this year, backed by names such as Solana Ventures, Goat Ventures, Krafton and Shima Capital. The studio also partnered with several other NFT-related companies, such as Cardinal, Ludex, Magic Eden and Fractal.

While the studio itself is still an indie developer with 10 or fewer employees, it is confident in its ability to deliver an ambitious product, with CEO & Co-Founder of Bravo Ready Evan Ryer being positive that BR1 will be the biggest indie game of the year.

“Some people may say that’s a long shot, but we can genuinely do it. The risk-based game model is the most exciting thing to hit gaming in modern history. BR1: INFINITE will change what it means to be a gamer,” he wrote.