Tier One Entertainment begins venture into Web3

One of the Philippines’ first gaming and esports organizations, Tier One Entertainment, has recently announced its intention to venture into the Web3 ecosystem via three main projects.

Its first project, the Alliance program, will see Tier One Entertainment recruit a lineup of influencers and personalities to create content for the Web3 ecosystem.

The second project involves Web2-based gaming tournaments in partnership with Web3 guilds, while the third project is related to Tier One Entertainment’s own Web3 platform — a gaming-focused launchpad for games from curated Web3 developers — which the company has revealed is already in development.

According to Tier One, besides attracting developers and investors, the platform is designed to be a way for the Web3 community to connect with its creators.

Tier One vice president of crypto Adam Vinluan commented as follows regarding the company’s upcoming Web3 integration and how the company would distinguish itself from competitors, per BSC News: “The first thing we worked on before going into Web3 was to go through the due diligence of understanding what the space is all about and what gap we can fill in its ecosystem. Tier One’s strength is the traffic and the reach that we have.”

“The thought process was with all the IPs that we have and the marketing machinery that we’ve created, we’re positioned to utilize the tools that are developing now in Web3 to provide more value to our community and our brand, ” said Vinluan to explain why the company is swapping to Web3 in the first place. He then revealed the outline of the company’s plans to develop the Web3 ecosystem.

“We are well-known for our talents and content. The main value we think we will bring in Web3 is our ability to generate and bring traffic through viewership and customer conversion,” said Vinluan.

“We want to be able to provide the marketing machinery that we have in Web2 to bring traffic to the existing and upcoming projects in the Web3 space.

About Tier One Entertainment

Founded in 2017 by Alodia Gosiangfiao, Tryke Gutierrez as well as Brian Lim, Tier One Entertainment is a well-established force in the SEA esports scene. Besides developing esports talent, the company is also developing the talents of streamers, influencers, and other gaming-related content creators.

The company formed a partnership with KAYAC, a Japanese internet firm, and Warner Music Group in 2021 to discover and develop up-and-coming Japanese local talent alongside debuting an idol group called Project4.

The Gaming House, a reality show focused on streamers, influencers, and content creators competing against one another for a chance to become a Tier One talent, is also among the company’s notable projects.

Today, Tier One is an entertainment giant in the region, with over 120 million social media followers across its various accounts. The company is partnered with other influential companies within and outside the gaming and esports sphere, such as Riot Games, PlayStation, Facebook Gaming, GroupM, Adidas, and Moonton, and with access to a wide reach of partners and influencers, Tier One’s Web3 upcoming platform has the potential to attract an extensive range of developers and players alike.