Build-A-Bear Workshop, Gamefam present Build-A-Bear Tycoon on Roblox

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Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. has partnered with Gamefam to release a new virtual community space, Build-A-Bear Tycoon, on Roblox.

CEO Sharon Price John said the company wanted to enrich players’ experience with creativity, empowerment and personalization. Gamefam founder and CEO Joe Ferencz explained that players could build their own Build-A-Bear universe and experience the brand in a new way with endless possibilities.

Build-A-Bear Workshop is known for its “build-your-own-retail” concept. Before Build-A-Bear Tycoon, the company had launched Bearville over a decade ago. Its success encouraged the company to expand its innovation and experience with Roblox.

Build-A-Bear Workshop partners with Gamefam to create a world that encourages online community engagement and deepens an emotional connection to its brand. Its decision to bring the brand to the metaverse via UGC gaming aligns with its digital transformation strategy. Using a “phygital” space that merges the physical and digital world allows Build-A-Bear to maintain its relevancy.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be bringing the beloved Build-A-Bear brand to the Metaverse for the first time on Roblox.”

Joe Ferencz, Gamefam founder and CEO.

“With our proven track record in creating experiences that draw in scaled audiences with high player ratings in the community, we’re taking the ‘build-your-own’ retail concept onto a virtual platform in Build-A-Bear Tycoon. The game allows fans to extend the magical retail experience of Build-A-Bear home and into their imaginations where the possibilities are endless.”

Build-A-Bear Workshop has a division that aims to create engaging content for kids and adults called Build-A-Bear Entertainment. It has produced several films with Foundation Media Partners, including Honey Girls, Deliver By Christmas and Christmas CEO.

Build-A-Bear Entertainment has been collaborating with Hello Sunshine to work on an upcoming feature film project based on a classic children’s story, Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Meanwhile, Gamefam operates the largest game network on Roblox, with more than 25 million daily game sessions and 115 million hours. Some of their top game franchises are Sonic Speed Simulator, Twilight Daycare, Tower of Misery, Ultra Power Tycoon and Hot Wheels Open World.

Features of Build-A-Bear Tycoon

Build-A-Bear Tycoon has many features that enable players to fully immerse in and experience the world of fun and adventure.

Being a game that revolves around building and management simulation, players will get to build their own workshop, customize their own bear, shop and participate in a heart ceremony while exploring a colorful world. Building shops and retail will earn players the game’s digital currency, Bear Bucks.

As players progress through the game, they will be able to further experience the Build-A-Bear Workshop in the digital world by unlocking and collecting bear characters and bringing them to life. They can customize their bears and have them wear unique outfits and accessories. There are plans with future updates which will feature more characters, interactions and buildable locations.

Build-A-Bear provides special codes that players can redeem in Build-A-Bear stores and marketing channels. Throughout December, the game also offers two holiday-exclusive bears, Lil’ Cub Brownie Santa and Snowflake Swirl Glisten. Players can purchase these characters from the Roblox catalog.

Build-A-Bear Tycoon is available on the Roblox platform across Android, iOS, Mac, Windows PC and Xbox One.