Astrolucha announces Astrolucha Web app to support artists

Astrolucha founders Moisés Zamora and Ivón Rodriguez have launched the Astrolucha Web app to support artists and creators outside Hollywood through Web3.

Zamora, who is also the creator of the Netflix series Selena, explained that Astrolucha is designed to financially support independent creators through a novel blockchain structure that will feature a VOD platform.

“The technology has been set to propel us into a new stage of independent filmmaking. We want to be at the forefront to champion independent creators and give them greater agency to create, promote, and complete their projects,” Zamora said.

Two-time Eisner award winner artist Phil Jimenez said Zamora’s vision for digital art was inclusive, expansive and inspirational. He also said Web3 could change the power system of Hollywood financing and storytelling.

In addition to their first digital collectibles, Zamora and Rodriguez announced their next plan to expand their platform into the gaming industry. Their upcoming game revolves around cosmic superheroes designed based on luchadores culture.

Astrolucha as community

Astrolucha is primarily a community of creatives. Its first digital collectibles were hand-drawn by 16 artists, who each provided their own touch and flair to the NFTs.

It aims to become a Web3 of distribution by encouraging creators to develop different forms of content. The contents include comics, graphic novels, games, podcasts, films and episodic projects.

Jimenez is one of the artists who is involved with Astrolucha. He has experience with comic book companies for over 30 years, having worked for DC Entertainment and Marvel Entertainment. Other famous artists include Pablo Raimondi, co-creator and writer of Sacred Creatures, and Leonardo Olea, who has worked with major entertainment brands like Disney and Dark Horse Comics.

Benefits of becoming Astrolucha NFT holder

Owning an Astrolucha NFT comes with many benefits. NFT holders get access to exclusive premieres, an upcoming game, panels with artists and filmmakers, merchandise, metaverse experiences and IP licensing deals and prizes.

Holding Astrolucha NFT also gives artists the right to submit their works to Astrolucha’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for projects, where the community votes and funds the top projects.

Players who own Astrolucha fighters can join a fan community comprising underdogs and Lucha-libre enthusiasts and meet creators, artists, gamers, writers, performers and filmmakers.

Other benefits include the ability to write a fighter’s origin story, earn rewards from gaming and prizes upon entering tournament battles and participate in licensing deals to have their fighters featured in comic books, graphic novels, films or series.

Astrolucha will still retain the rights to the IP to protect players’ superheroes from being stolen. Should they decide to sell their NFTs, Astrolucha will take the commission and break it down to fund projects and artists.

Earlier this month, Astrolucha held an auction of fighters in which players got to buy creator badges and mystery fighters. There were 200 mystery fighters available at 0.3 ETH2. Each player could only make five purchases, with a maximum of 500 creator badges. Players were required to connect their wallet to OpenSea to make a bid and purchase.