Bullieverse Integrates Chainlink VRF to Distribute Bear Nets Equitably to the Bear Hunt Winners

Fantasy metaverse Bullieverse recently introduced the integration of Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on Ethereum and Polygon. With the integration, the project will be able to fairly distribute Bear NFTs, newly added NFTs to the Citizens of Bulliever Island (COBI) collection.

To ensure a provably random distribution of NFTs in the Bullieverse, rare Bear NFTs will have traits that provide their holders with greater utility in the metaverse. The users will have more transparency knowing that everyone has access to valuable Bear NFTs.

Bulliverse is a metaverse game where players can have fun with immersive gaming experiences, earn in-game rewards, join a thriving community, and make new friends. Players can explore Bulliever Island in the metaverse by owning a Bull NFT. The NFT provides a unique bull avatar that players can use to play games and explore the island.

The collection of games on the island will expand over time. As of now, “The Bear Hunt” is the first in a series of games, where bulls hunt bears for Bear NFTs. As the Bear Hunt game launched, the 2D bull NFTs were transformed into 3D characters.

Furthermore, both Bull and Bear NFTs can be played as 3D characters in the upcoming Bullieverse Battle Royale, which is currently in development. Bulliverse also collaborates with other NFT collections to create an interconnected cross-IP Metaverse and bring other NFT collections to life.

To ensure the Bear NFTs are distributed in a fair manner, Bulliverse requires access to a secure random number generator (RNG) that could be independently audited by users. However, an RNG-based solution for smart contracts should take several security measures to prevent hacking and maintain system integrity.

After evaluating several solutions, Bullieverse opted for Chainlink VRF due to its leading academic research foundation, backed by a trusted Oracle system, and protected by smart contracts that generate and verify cryptographic proofs of all random digits.

Chainlink VRF generates both a random number and a cryptographic proof by combining block data that is unknown at the time of request with the Oracle node’s pre-committed private key. Only a valid cryptographic proof can be accepted as input into the Bullieverse smart contract. Then, only a tamper-proof VRF process can generate the cryptographic proof. This assures users that the Bear NFT distribution process is fair and has not been tampered with by the Oracle, outside entities, or the Bullieverse team.

About Chainlink

In the blockchain industry, Chainlink is the standard for creating, accessing, and selling the Oracle services necessary to power hybrid smart contracts. By leveraging Chainlink Oracle networks, smart contracts can reliably connect to external APIs and utilize secure off-chain computations to enable feature-rich applications. Global enterprises and leading data providers use Chainlink to secure tens of billions of dollars across DeFi, gaming, insurance, and other major industries.

About Bullieverse

Using Unreal Engine, Bulliverse offers a virtual world where NFTs come to life through immersive gameplay. The ecosystem continues to grow as new players join the community, creating games and in-game assets which lead to fair incentives, in line with Web3 ethos. The Bullieverse DAO will gradually decentralize Bullieverse so that it becomes a community-owned metaverse run by $Bull token holders.