Which Call of Duty League Team has the Best Social Media

In recent years, esports popularity has gone up exponentially. It has been one of the fastest-growing industries over the years. This popularity including the Call of Duty League has got the attention of different brands due to its marketing potential, including social media.

Gaming and esports have always relied on some sort of communication apps or in-game chats. Social media only heightens that. Social media provides both a synchronous and asynchronous way of staying up-to-date on esports and a way for teams to be in touch with other fans and teams.

Which Call of Duty League Team has the best Social Media
image credit: Call of Duty League

Twitter specifically has had a huge hand in the growth of esports. Twitter provides the ultimate platform for daily and breaking news. It is a fast and easy way for fans and major players to communicate, creating a more personal experience for the fans.

The Call of Duty League has benefited from social media. They have grown their following on Twitter alone to 1 million followers. From interactions from fans to sponsored giveaways. There are plenty of factors that have gone into this.

With all this in mind and the constant growth of esports, which Call of Duty League team has the best social media? Let’s break it down to the top five teams.

New York Subliners

Coming in at number five on this list is the New York Subliners. They have the fifth-highest following on Twitter at 92k followers.

What gets them at number five is not only the number of followers but also their fan interactions. In almost every single post, they respond to fans on occasion. Their fans also have fun conversations with one another on these posts. This is pretty normal for Twitter, but it is still refreshing to see.

They also really embody the spirit of New York. They love where they come from, and it shows in their posts.

Florida Mutineers

Having a big following does not always mean you have a great social media presence. The Florida Mutineers prove that. They have one the lower following count at 69k.

Despite the low following, they get on the list because of how they interact with their fans. They are consistently talking to fans and others who reply. The Mutineers Twitter admin also knows their way with memes. They make the content enjoyable but still get their points across.

LA Thieves

Time to get into the top three teams. The LA Thieves comes in the third spot. They have 135k followers on Twitter. Being in LA has its perks, and the Thieves know how to take advantage of it.

Having a big population helps with a following but what makes LA stand out is its partnerships. Having a huge streamer like CourageJD as a Co-Owner can help gain a huge following. He interacts with the page quite a bit, along with the fans.

Atlanta Faze

Arguably one of the best teams in the Call of Duty League, the Atlanta Faze also has a great social media presence. They have the third-highest follow count with 112k followers on Twitter.

What makes Atlanta land in the number two spot is how much they shine the light on their players. They will show big plays in matches, hype them up, and have conversations with fans about the players themselves. Faze as a whole are a team, and their Twitter account shows it.

Being one of the biggest gaming companies also gets them plenty of sponsored posts and bigger exposure around the world.

Optic Chicago

If you have been following the gaming industry for a while, then you will know of Optic. Optic Chicago has the highest following out of any CDL team out there. They have amassed a whopping 253k followers on Twitter.

Being one of the biggest esports companies has its advantages. That does not identify them on social media, though. They have a very loyal following, and there are always conversations between fans on their posts. They make sure the account is for the fans.

Chicago is always posting clips of plays, hyping the players up, and making the account engaging for fans. They make the experience fun for everyone that goes on their Twitter. They have a strong social media presence, and their following shows it.

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Written by Michael Martinez