The Heartwarming Sky: Children of the Light

The Sky: Children of the Light Has No Limits

Sky: Children of the Light is a mobile game that has you relieving spirits so that they return to their constellations. The deeply meditative exploration of seven different dreamlike realms can be played by yourself or with friends. Created by the acclaimed developers of Journey, Flow and Flower, the experience will be enjoyed best when taking your time to explore your surroundings and soak in the calming atmosphere. You’ll be adventuring through dreamscapes and listening to melodic music following a nonverbal storyline that hits the soft spots (if you let it).

The Heartwarming Sky: Children of the Light
image credit: ThatGameCompany

Easy Controls for a Spirit Saver

You move around by using an on-screen virtual joystick. This can occasionally be a bit frustrating since you will obstruct some of the screen while moving and interacting, but it won’t ruin your experience. You rotate your camera by swiping your right thumb. Tapping your right thumb will allow you to jump, and holding it down will let you soar. There’s no tutorial for more advanced movements. These include timing your jumps correctly, which gives you speed boosts.

What’s fun, though, is discovering these nuances in movement on your own. Interacting with other players is a unique multiplayer experience. There’s no text or chat option, so all of your interactions are based on gestures that your character can make. Since all the gestures are positive and non-aggressive, you truly experience something special.

A Meditative Masterpiece

Sky: Children of Light shines in a multitude of ways. As with its spiritual predecessors, the visuals are simplistic, but not by any means boring. Gliding through the sky with birds or sliding down a sandy hillside look and feel dreamlike. It’s the fluidity of your movement in tandem with the gorgeous landscapes that make it a wonder to watch. T

he lack of dialogue is also calming. Whereas newcomers to these games may initially be wary that they’d become lost or confused because of the lack of verbal directions, it’s actually not hard to follow. The visual cues and camera directions are easy guides for you to follow.

Additionally, when playing with others, you can guide or be led by holding each others’ hands. Sky: Children of Light isn’t a long game. You’d be able to complete it in four to five-5 hours easily, but this isn’t really a game to play just to beat it. Playing Sky is about basking in the relaxation of all that it provides. Completing the story or unlocking items are merely additional features.

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Written by Trevor Forrest