Top League of Legends Podcast in 2021

There are many ways to learn and improve in a video game or esports. In particular we are talking about one of the biggest MOBAs, League of Legends. Fortunately, we are in the era of digitization and you can find a lot of information on the internet. Apart from watching your favorite teams or players, you can also dive deeper with a League of Legends podcast.

There are many types of podcasts, and you can find which one suits you better.

League of Legends Podcast
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#8 True Sight Podcast

If you are a statistical player or want more knowledge about the game, this podcast is for you. The True Sight Podcast gives their audience the opportunity to listen to Tim, the host.
Interviewing esports experts, coaches, analysts and team managers give people a better understanding of the video game.

#7 Hotline League

Hotline League is similar to a sports show that has a great panel of professionals discussing the latest LoL news. It also features hot takes and lots of laughs. The hosts are Travis and Markz, and they interact with the audience by putting them into spicy situations. This podcast is perfect for casual players.

#6 Face Check

Presented by DGON, LS, and IWDominate, this League of Legends podcast reviews all the game scenes. . They analyze professional matches, item builds and provide predictions about some match-ups.

You could watch every single podcast on their Youtube Channel or you can see their daily streams on Twitch to learn more about League of Legends.

#5 Four Wards | Moving Forward In League of Legends

Four Wards lives up to his name by being the podcast that shows you the most strategic side of the game. If you want to improve the way you take control of the map, this podcast will be ideal for you. Putting wards correctly for your team and being a strategic player are some tips that you will learn.

#4 League Rundown

This weekly League of Legends Podcast includes an overview about the latest League Championship Series (LCS) news, and also has interviews with professional players.
Presented by The Trinity Force Network makes the League Rundown even more enjoyable. .

#3 Leaguecast

This “unofficial” League of Legends podcast is presented by Frost, BlueBasket and The King. They talk about everything involving League of Legends. Leaguecast is released every week and has the longest duration of about 100 minutes. The most interesting thing about this podcast is its discussion about the lore of the game, which few players know about.

#2 The Trinity Force Podcast

Next is the Trinity Force Podcast which currently has 726 episodes, and it releases two episodes every week. It shows a different view about the game, being disruptive and talking about recent patches.
Also, this podcast has a higher-level discussion and how you can improve in every single aspect of the game.

#1 League of Legends Podcast – The Dive

League of Legends Podcast: The Dive
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Finally, this League of Legends Podcast is presented by Honda, Kobe, Azael, Phreak and MarkZ. It started in 2017 and talks about the world of LoL and the NA LCS. This is a Riot-produced weekly podcast that includes international news, some meta changes and queue trends in the NA competitive scene.

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Written by Renato Valladares