How to Become a Top Gaming Streamer

Nowadays, becoming a video game streamer is seen less as a trivial aspiration and more as a viable career opportunity. As an increasing number of personalities capture fame online through streaming, more people are following suit for similar goals.

However, before trying to reach the apex of online fame, one must first decide how they will do so. What materials will they have to start with, and what kind of content do they want to produce?

Here are some helpful tips for those pondering on the subject that can help them start their own video game streaming career.

Becoming a Top Gaming Streamer
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How to Get Started as a Gaming Streamer

Before doing anything else, you must first decide on the type of game you want to stream. This is the crux of a streamer’s appeal, as their game is the first thing viewers see when they tune in.

New streamers tend to select their favorite game as their base, but many other people have likely done the same for their broadcasts. That is why it’s equally crucial to know how you’ll grab viewers’ attention for your stream.

Do you want to stomp all over your opponents, do comedic antics or analyze a game? Providing your own touch to the game can enthrall viewers to keep watching and eventually become fans.

Identifying the Right Gear

Once you have a solid idea of the content you want to make, the next step is to find the proper equipment. The first thing to consider is what console you’ll use. Will you go for the usual consoles such as the PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch? Or will you opt for PCs instead? The possibilities are endless for streamers.

But just playing a game won’t cut it if you don’t have something to record yourself with. Streamers will need a capture device and a webcam to record themselves playing games.

Next is customizing your stream in a way that presents a proper streaming environment for your audience. First off, to adequately broadcast your stream, you must acquire a suitable PC. In addition, with Open Broadcast Software (OBS), streamers can customize their stream to fully engage with the audience in an engrossing way.

Picking the Right Platform

After procuring the right equipment and game, the question becomes which platform you want to use as a gaming streamer. There are a plethora of platforms that people can choose from, but these two are considered the top options.


YouTube is home to the largest video-sharing platform on the web. It hosts a variety of content creators the likes of which no other site can replicate. Not only that, it has a thriving gaming channel–aptly titled “YouTube Gaming”–that rakes in millions of viewers per day.

Due to the growing trend of gaming viewership, YouTube Gaming’s audience grew to 100 billion total hours watched in 2020 with no sign of stopping. One can’t blame prospective streamers for selecting YouTube as their preferred platform.


The other contender is Twitch, which is the biggest online streaming website. With an average concurrent viewership of at least 2.9 million users, Twitch boasts a versatile platform that allows people to stream or play whatever they want.

It is worth mentioning Twitch’s partnership/affiliate program, which allows streamers to gain a revenue stream. Donations, channel subscriptions, customizable emotes and a sustainable income based on their content entices people to start their streaming journey on Twitch.

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Written by Pedro Romero