Dr. Disrespect’s New Studio: What to Expect

Dr. Disrespect’s New Studio

According to a job posting listed on his champions club website, Dr. Disrespect will be launching a game development studio. The streamer recently announced that he would be teaming up with BoomTV, a famous tournament producer. Together, they will create a unique development studio. He explained the concept in a job ad post on his website, saying, “looking for a Gaming Studio Head.”

Guy Beahm, also known as “Dr. Disrespect,” is a popular streamer with a unique personality. The American gamer is one of the world’s biggest streamers, and he has earned this through his streaming style. With a “larger than life” character, Dr. Disrespect always delivers an entertaining performance for his viewers and competitive gaming.

Dr. Disrespect's New Studio
image credit: Kotaku

In 2017, he won the Streamer of the Year award at the Esports Awards. He collected the trophy giving a very emotional acceptance speech and showing his usual enthusiastic character.
The reveal of Dr. Disrespect’s new studio should come as no surprise. Before becoming popular as a streamer, he worked as a multiplayer map designer for Sledgehammer Games. While working for the developers of Call of Duty, he was responsible for designing certain maps in Advanced Warfare.

Why is this a Big Deal?

The unnamed studio is sure to attract attention as Dr. Disrespect plans to make games while collaborating with “mega influencers.” The job description for the studio head position doesn’t provide much information about the project. However, it does give some insight into how it will operate. It sounds like it will either develop or acquire titles from a list of mega influencers.

A lot of games already make influencers a part of their marketing strategy. Joining forces with influencers is the next step in this direction. This will pave the way for streamers and influencers to contribute to the growing gaming industry. Dr. Disrespect’s new studio is also looking for an experienced game producer who has experience working on PC and consoles. The ad states that the studio will be a proven world-class team.

Due to the increasing popularity of Battle Royale games, gamers are looking for new opportunities and the next big thing. Dr. Disrespect’s new studio is aiming to create the next generation of competitive gaming.

Can We Expect More Streamers to do this?

Yes, we can. These streamers are now able to create various ways to use their platform. For example, Ninja has become a mainstream Icon. He can now promote his streams and has taken a step back from daily broadcasts to focus on other passions. Valkyrae has also shifted more into music, appearing in Corpse Husband’s DAYWALKER! video.

Those are just a few of the many accomplishments that streamers have made in the gaming industry. This shows how far the industry has come. Dr. Disrespect will be a role model for other creators, and he has also acquired similar accolades. Influencers and streamers alike are sure to join Dr. Disrespect’s new studio’s aim in developing new games.

Written by Echoga Emmanuel