Pokemon Unite: How to Surrender

Pokemon’s first strategic team battle game, Pokemon Unite, has been the breath of fresh air that fans needed as we anticipate the Diamond and Pearl remakes release. Unite has introduced a new set of fans to the franchise, as streamers of more popular MOBA games like League of Legends and DOTA 2 have spent some of their content creation time playing Pokemon Unite.

We are not sure how long Pokemon Unite will continue its wave momentum. However, it does feel more promising compared to the intrigue of Pokemon GO. There is definite esport potential in Pokemon Unite. It would not be a surprise if we saw teams coming together for esports tournaments in the future.

Pokemon Unite
image credit: pokemon.com

Steps to Surrender in Pokemon Unite

Like all MOBAs, a game will come where you losing badly to the other team and teammates may initiate a surrender. If you are feeling overwhelmed in a match, below are the steps to initiating a surrender.

  1. Wait five minutes: The option to surrender is only available 5 minutes after the game starts. However, we recommend you try to shift the momentum in the game before deciding to surrender.
  2. Press the + button to open the Battle Record screen. Be sure to go back to base first before bringing up the menu because it takes up a large portion of the screen.
  3. At the Settings screen, press the X button to initiate the surrender. A total of four (4) votes, including the player who initiated the surrender, are needed to surrender successfully.

If the surrender fails, it goes on a 40-second timer before you can select the option again. Do not disconnect from the match because it will affect your fair play points and also leave your teammates at a disadvantage.

John Robinson IV