Vex: New League of Legends Champion

Who Is Vex

The most recent League of Legends event is about to end, and the battle for Runeterra has been fierce. This new event managed to completely change the game and universe in which it is located.
Since both new and old champions were participants in the conflict. We recently saw Akshan arrive at Summoner’s Rift, but he’s not the only one to join the action.
Thanks to the history of the current event, it was revealed that a Yordle named Vex.

Who is loyal to Viego, would be the next champion, long before Akshan’s arrival. Thanks to what we’ve seen at the event so far, Vex certainly lives up to the title of “Shadow Magician.”
Her aesthetic fits perfectly considering that she is a loyal servant of Viego, who has currently unleashed his full power on Runeterra.

Vex: League of Legends Champion
image credit: League of Legends

So far, Vex plays a crucial role in the ruined king’s story and is part of the reason why Viego is so powerful.Although at the moment we do not know for sure its backstory, it will surely play an important role within the League of Legends universe.

Currently, there is no official information about Vex’s Skill Kit. However, thanks to the Champions Roadmap: 2021, we know that Riot Games has decided to change the focus of the abilities of the “Shadow Mage” from an artillery mage to a burst mage.

The Abilities

Being linked to Viego, it wouldn’t be uncommon for her to have the ability to manipulate the dreaded Black Mist of Ruin. Or, some other magic that can revolve around the manipulation of the shadows. The Roadmap of champions featured a large shadow that is undoubtedly related to Vex. It is possible that it is a pet or Annie and Tibbers, but nothing is confirmed yet.

Due to the changes made to the champion, the release date had to be delayed.

Although at one point it was expected to come out before Akshan’s arrival at the summoner’s rift. Because of how Vex was described to us, we can expect that the character has crowd control abilities that stop the champions with more movement such as Akshan, Akali, among others.

“It bothers her to the point of getting serious and starting to squash all those happy, unbearable, elusive lifeforms like ants,” commented Riot Reav3, Executive Producer of Champions.

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Possible Vex Skins

At first, it was thought that Vex would arrive at the “Sentinels of Light” with skin related to the Ruin. But that turned out not to be the case according to Ryan “Reav3” Mireles, who clarified that Vex will arrive in an upcoming event and will have a skin related to the history of the event. League of Legends currently contains a wide variety of skin lines.

The skins most loved by the community are the skins with the themes of Project, Odyssey, Combat Academy and Star Guardians. This year we already had the Project and Combat Academy themes, so it would not be a surprise if the skin known as “The Shadow Magician” came to have a skin with the aforementioned themes.

However, there is always the possibility that Riot will surprise us with a skin of another theme such as “Crime City,” “Space Wave,” “Lunar Beast,” “Arcane,” among others.

Vex Release Date

Regarding the release date of Vex “The Shadow Magician,” there is still no confirmed date. But thanks to the Ask Riot section, the champion development team told us that the new champion will reach the Summoner’s Rift and the Abyss of Wailing in mid-September. Sometime after the “Sentinels of Light” event ended.

The main reason it would arrive in mid-September is because Riot is having trouble getting the shadow that accompanies Vex to look good in- game. We hope to have it on the server for Patch 11.17, which promises to change a lot in League of Legends.

Written by Renato Valladares