Genesis League Soccer announces pre-sale of NFT card packs

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Web3 sports card game Genesis League Soccer has announced that its in-game card packs will go on pre-sale on October 18, 2022. The NFT cards, each representing a Major League Soccer player, will be usable once the game fully releases in early 2023.

Genesis League Soccer, developed by blockchain gaming company Splinterlands in partnership with the Major League Soccer Player Association (MLSPA), will reward players that win matches with cryptocurrency. The cards having different stats opens up the potential for players to find and create innovative strategies and see financial benefits for their creativity and collection — players can also trade the cards with other players through a marketplace.

“Genesis League Sports is the next step into bringing sports gaming into Web 3.0 and will prove a watershed moment for blockchain technology’s permanent presence in the future of mainstream gaming,” said the chief executive officer of Splinterlands, Jesse Reich, as per Yahoo Finance.

“It’s such an exciting time for Web 3.0. We are glad to be offering so much to our current community as we take this next step into sports gaming, and look forward to welcoming in an expansive new community of sports fans.”

Genesis League Sports’ Web3 ecosystem

Genesis League Soccer will be part of the Genesis League Sports (GLS) platform, a DAO that allows users to submit proposals that can affect almost every part of the system. The platform will have a native token, GLX, which will be used to handle financial matters, as well as for governance purposes. Users that stake their GLX will be able to vote for or against changes with their vote’s weight determined by the amount they have staked.

Besides just the MLSPA, Splinterlands will be looking to form partnerships with other sports organizations and create an ecosystem of sports gaming. However, the platform’s first goal is to serve its users, and thus it is open to hosting fictional sports titles if the users desire support for that title.

Each sport will also have different game modes with potential support for a fantasy sports-like mode, where players manage NFT players and battle against other managers in simulated games, as well as a mode where users can stake their NFTs for prediction brackets.

Players can also collect NFTs in each of the supported games and trade them with all other platform users, regardless of the game. The trading will be done through an integrated marketplace to streamline the process, with “a portion of the nominal transaction fee will be returned to the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)”.

Splinterlands is also looking into innovative ways to increase the utility and value of NFTs for its users and introduce “game mechanics” as part of the GLS platform, including consumable items, upgrading the levels of NFTs and card recovery.

“GLS aims to create a decentralized gaming ecosystem that allows true player ownership of digital assets in addition to a DAO that will give players governance control over many aspects of the platform. As a result, GLS will provide a secure and user-friendly blockchain experience for gamers and sports fans,” Splinterlands wrote.