Move-to-earn app Walken announces 2022 roadmap

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Move-to-earn mobile application Walken has announced its roadmap with upcoming features that aim to support the local community, increase sustainability and improve the health of its users.

The market of move-to-earn or walk-to-earn applications has experienced massive growth recently. Walken has a user base of over one million, with active users from countries all over the world, such as Brazil, Vietnam, Japan and Pakistan, with Russia and Ukraine being the leading countries in terms of daily users.

The company expects to have over two million users by Q4 of 2022. In July and August alone, Walken saw over 20,000 new daily users, with the majority of users running the application on Android phones.

“One of the main challenges of any gamified Web3 project is to make it both fun and sustainable, especially a Free-to-Play one. With Walken, we are proving the point that it’s possible. We are grateful to our amazing community and work hard to make it even better,” said Walken co-founder and chief executive officer Alexei Kulevets, as per MSN.

Walken is a mobile application that encourages users to live an active and healthy lifestyle by rewarding them with a move-to-earn experience. Players can train and develop the strength of their pets, called CATheletes, by moving around and taking steps. These pets can then be used to enter battles against other players, with the winner earning the on-chain $WLKN token. Players can also buy and sell NFT items on a marketplace to boost the power of their CATheletes.

Walken’s roadmap and plans for 2022

According to the roadmap, support for seven new languages and improving localization for existing languages are among the first upcoming updates. The application will also implement staking and a ranking system to encourage users to compete against each other. These updates are expected to go live by the end of September.

In order to improve the community aspect of Walken, the application will introduce an ambassador program to support local communities. There will also be a referral campaign where users that recruit their friends can earn rewards. Walken will also launch a new game that uses existing CATheletes for a more diverse gaming experience. These features are expected to launch in October.

“Combining fun and sustainability has given rise to a budding ecosystem for Walken and its community. The growing appreciation for this project across key global regions showcases people are willing to dive into Web3 and unlock the benefits it can provide,” said Kulevets.

November will be focused on increasing the value of Walken to its users. The developers will launch various partnerships to increase product utility and work with offline brands for expansion. A system for daily tasks and rewards will also be implemented. December will be focused on large game content updates with new modes and merging/fusing features added. Finally, January 2023 will see the addition of social features such as friends, chatting and tournaments alongside more offline events.

The application is currently in open beta and is available to download on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. The most recent update for the game was released one week ago and included updates to the application’s settings to allow users easier access to community resources.