Gotham Knights to release in October, reveals Nightwing and co.

Developer WB Games Montréal action RPG video game Gotham Knights is finally getting a release date on October 25, 2022, confirmed in a tweet after both the game alongside Hogwarts Legacy holds “vague” 2022 launch windows.

After the game was delayed for a 2021 release as Warner Bros. wanted to take “more time to deliver the best possible experience for players”, the release date was confirmed in a tweet on Wednesday which reads: “Gotham will always need its heroes” followed by “Suit up for an all-new adventure on 10.25.22.”

It is worth mentioning that the game’s beta version was reportedly seen listed on Steam as per news reporter Ed Nightingale of the Eurogamer. While the release date is still months away and the beta version is put into consideration, players might be able to access the beta ahead of the full game release.

Gotham Knights

Fans of the Batman Arkham series are familiar with the works of developer WB Games Montréal who took part in developing the beloved series. The excitement gets real with the studio’s new entry title where players can visit Gotham (once more), witness all of its wonders and gritty crime-invested streets.

Gotham Knights allow players to roam Gotham city and help the city from its crime problems as Bruce Wayne is no longer donning the suit of Batman following his death.

Players instead will play as some of the members of the Bat-Family, namely only four members available to choose or confirmed so far from Nightwing, Robin, Red Hood and Batgirl. It remains unclear whether developer WB Games Montréal will add the other members such as Batwoman, Catwoman, Azrael and more lineups in future updates.

Players can enjoy the open-world aspect of Gotham Knights by playing either in solo or coop mode. Warner Bros. dubbed the new entry as a “dynamic and interactive” experience in Gotham.

Gotham Knights is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC when it hits its release date on October 25.

Other titles, vague release date

Gotham Knights is one of the DC-based title video games in development by Warner Bros. and it appears to be one of the only with a confirmed 2022 release date.

The other title is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League by developer Rocksteady who also has a fair share of experience in developing the Arkham series alongside WB Games Montréal. Although, Kill the Justice League is still listed for a 2022 release window.

However, according to Jason Schreier in a Bloomberg report, people who are familiar with Kill the Justice League development claimed that WarnerMedia “has quietly” pushed the game release to 2023 due to unspecified reasons.

Schreier added, Warner has also reportedly pushed back Hogwarts Legacy and the LEGO game of Star Wars from its initial release date in 2021. These titles slipped to this year following the pandemic affecting production and many development challenges and only Gotham Knights confirmed so far.

As for Kill the Justice League, developer Rocksteady has confirmed the game is a hybrid of the Arkham series with “powerful, awesome gunplay”.

Regardless of the vague release date, players may still rejoice as Gotham Knights will be released in late 2022, where players can have a taste of the Arkham series once more with a modern twist.