Hashed to be the first to fund a $10M investment for Apeiron

Hashed, a blockchain investment firm from South Korea, recently became the first to invest in Apeiron, a blockchain arcade god game. Having raised over $320 million in the past 12 months, the firm is a major backer in the web3 space.

The play-and-earn NFT game was developed by Foonie Magus. It has now raised over $17 million after closing its seed round. They acquired $17.5 million in total, with $3 million from pre-seed investment, $10 million from seed investment, and $4.5 million from NFT sales.

Based in Seoul and Silicon Valley, Hashed specializes in blockchain technology. With a highly potential $200 million fund backing projects, it has quickly become one of the blockchain investment giants in Asia.

South Korea is rapidly embracing NFT and blockchain technology. The company said they viewed this web3 moment as an opportunity to enable a future where technology empowers people rather than the other way around. Previously, they invested in two of the most successful NFT games of 2016, Axie Infinity and The Sandbox.

Besides Hashed, other venture capital firms such as DeFiance Capital, Morningstar Ventures, Spartan Group, and De-Fi Capital also support Apeiron. Among the gaming guilds they will be working with are Guildfi, YGGSEA, Avocado, Ancient8, and Snackclub, selected for their strategic values and long-term vision for the web3 community.

Apeiron is a world-leading blockchain-based NFT game. In the Apeiron universe, players play as a Godling, a newborn god with divine powers to help or smite cute little creatures called Doods. The game features an innovative card-based combat system that allows players to pilot powerful elemental avatars into battle.

The game also combines play-and-earn elements with a unique tri-token system. It allows players to purchase NFTs such as Planets, Stars, and Relics as well as earn tokens. Tokens earned through playing the game can be traded for real cryptocurrency on the marketplace.

“We’ve spent six years now working on this project, and there have been over 28 developers who poured over five years of their lives…their blood, sweat, and tears into crafting this entertainment experience. But now all the hard work is paying off and the dream is becoming a reality. We are thrilled to have found partners who share our crazy visions, and we are in for one hell of a ride for the entire gaming industry, one that will present a memorable experience for all to share and own together,” said Foonie Magus CEO and Apeiron creator Frank Cheng.

The closing of the seed round marked the beginning of Apeiron’s private and community investment rounds, leading up to the game’s Token Generation Event (TGE) that is due in late May.

Foonie Magus said they aim to raise an extra $10.7 million through these 3 rounds to prepare for its debut globally in Q4 of this year. Currently, Apeiron’s Planet NFTs can be purchased on the OpenSea marketplace with a floor price of 0.15 ETH.

About Apeiron

Play-and-earn game Apeiron is the first of its kind in the world. The game uses a unique card-based action-adventure combat system, similar in style to classic god games such as Populous and Black & White.

In this game, players can build planets from above before landing on the ground as an avatar to explore the universe. Once a planet reaches developmental stagnation, players can launch an Armageddon event that will reset the planetary cycle, allowing for further advancement, thrilling alliance-level GvE, and GvG activities.

Apeiron uses a tri-token architecture, meaning that there will be three separate tokens including a play-to-earn token, a governance token, and a premium team-to-earn token to navigate the ecosystem.