Illuvium releases three-in-one web3 AAA game experience

The Illuvium blockchain technology has released its first interoperability gaming platform that allows players to own and play assets across multiple games – Illuvium Overworld, Arena and Zero.

Illuvium is built on the Ethereum-based blockchain-scaling layer ImmutableX. This project involves more than 170 staff with a budget comparable to the biggest AAA games from bigger game studios. It aims to deliver a play-to-earn narrative similar to Axie Infinity.

Game director Aaron Warwick said the mission is to build the first true AAA experience in the history of Web3 and introduce the advantages of owning digital assets to 100 million gamers.

Illuvium co-founder Kieran Warwick said that Illuvium Overworld is their most anticipated game in development. At the same time, art director Grant Warwick said that Illuvium Overworld represents their hard work and dedication to creating the best visual experience.

“Every art team member has worked tirelessly on even the smallest details. We had a ridiculously ambitious goal when we began: to build an entire world that felt like nothing you’ve ever seen before,” Grant said.

“We’re super excited to showcase it to our two million registered users,” Kieran added.

The beta release has generated quite a significant buzz so far. It has been released to 30,000 community members within the game’s Discord group. More than two million players reportedly have registered to play the full version of Illuvium.

Illuvium Overworld beta features

Illuvium Overworld is a free-to-play open-world collection game that allows players to explore a sci-fi world and collect resources.

In Overworld, players battle capture Illuvials to earn rewards and become the most dominant Ranger. To capture these monsters, players must avoid various dangerous hazards and search for resources using drones. These resources, shards, gemstones and consumables, can be used to craft and upgrade equipment like helmets, jetpacks, boots and weapons. Better equipment allows players to navigate the world easier, but battles will also be more challenging.

Players can capture Illuvials by winning battles against opposing teams. They can also sell captured Illuvials on the Illuvidex market exchange.

Enhancing equipment, drone and Illuvials will improve players’ chances of winning and climbing the ranks. All Rangers will begin the game with two Illuvials in their deck and some cured shards.

Other than Illuvium Overworld, players can also play Illuvium Zero, in which they can develop their own NFT land and acquire fuel. Players will need this fuel to access higher-stage regions in Illuvium Overworld. It will also be available to purchase on the Illuvidex market exchange.

According to Warwick, Illuvium Zero might have its alpha released before Christmas.

Illuvium has two types of NFTs — Land and Collectible — with plans to add more NFT types later in the development. The former represents virtual land plots in the Illuvium Land virtual world and provides fuel in the game. Meanwhile, Collectible NFTs come with Illuvials to use in battles.

Players can access Illuvium beta by registering on Illuvium’s official website. They may also join Discord and check its social media for information about upcoming giveaways. Illuvium Overworld is available on both PC and Mac.