Calvaria’s $RIA token to increase in value after raising $2.5m in presale

In only a few weeks, Calvaria’s cryptocurrency, $RIA, raised $2.5 million. The fifth phase of its presale almost ends, with Calvaria having sold 81 percent of its tokens. According to Inside Bitcoin contributor Eric Dunne, its partnership with and KuCoin for its initial node offering also increases its price.

Calvaria aims to promote crypto adoption through its P2E game. It wants the game to eventually serve as an ambassador between the crypto world and the “real world.” Calvaria is built on the Polygon Network and powered by the $RIA token. By a few weeks after launching the presale, Calvaria had sold 78 percent of its $RIA.

In its current and final stage, the $RIA token sits at $0.0325 per token. So far, Calvaria has sold more than 130 million $RIA tokens. There are 10 presale stages and Dunne estimated $RIA token price would increase to $0.035.

This game token features gamified DeFi (decentralized finance) to maximize the blockchain gaming adoption rate. Calvaria is also praised for its game-forward approach, becoming a popular play-to-earn game among non-crypto gamers.

“Blockchain games must cater to gamers as much as crypto enthusiasts,” a Calvaria representative said.

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity took inspiration from games like Hearthstone and Gwent to make an accessible game for all. Many blockchain games focus on earning mechanics rather than gameplay, which alienates most gamers. However, Calvaria ensures the gaming community will not be sidelined in favor of earning mechanics, which positively impacts the play-to-earn adoption rate.

To increase play-to-earn adoption, Calvaria uses both PC and mobile mediums. In the mobile version of the game, Calvaria educates players about play-to-earn games and how much they would have earned from playing the crypto version. It allows easier ways to understand and accept crypto while being less invasive for gamers.

Calvaria representatives said they would use the funding from presale to develop and market the game further and reward community members. They also plan to fund more CEX listings through the presale. The company also said in November that it was considering launching a token through the IEO (initial exchange offering).

About Calvaria’s F2P, P2E modes

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity will have two different game modes, free-to-play (F2P) and play-to-earn (P2E). All gameplay will be accessible to everyone regardless of the mode.

Players who have tried playing the game in the F2P mode and won a battle against bots can proceed to P2E. In P2E, every card turns into an NFT, while the deck becomes a unique NFT collection. In this mode, players will be battling against other players using a combination of their decks and strategies to win. The winner will receive eRIA from the Calvaria ecosystem.

ERIA is sustainable and promotes the scarcity of $RIA tokens. It creates stability within the Calvaria ecosystem and allows the holders to generate passive income. Players can earn and stake eRIA to get $RIA and use the latter to buy cards and upgrades. The upgrades go to the cards players use to play PvP matches.

Players can use $RIA tokens to buy NFTs or other rewards and items from the Calvaria marketplace. There are also limited non-NFT and non-digital assets available in the store. More will be revealed once the project has hit certain milestones on its roadmap. Players may also sell $RIA to make monetary gains.