Introducing LUDO, Web3 platform and search engine for NFT

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LUDO is a metasearch engine that claims to solve the problem of fragmentation in the blockchain space and opens up new possibilities in the metaverse’s development. It calls itself a hub or entry point to the metaverse. Users can access the latest metaverse projects and NFTs-related opportunities through LUDO’s Web3 search engine and play-to-earn app store.

With LUDO, users can experience the metaverse customized to their needs. Users can optimize their time when working on the most profitable projects with substantial ROIs using the platform, which aggregates NFT and metaverse data from multiple reliable on-chain and off-chain sources.

LUDO not only simplifies access to the metaverse for NFT collectors but also provides tools and resources to help them launch and promote new products. By creating new communities and making digital assets more accessible to everyone, the platform says it aims to build a digital bridge to the world of digital assets. LUDO claims its platform is designed to facilitate digital economies for creators and collectors.

Using the platform, gamers can earn more, creators can get more exposure, and brands and advertisers can engage with a new level of community.

LUDO, revolutionary metasearch engine

Blockchain developers continue to create Web3 and gaming applications geared toward immersive experiences and opportunities to earn more money as interest in the metaverse grows. However, these apps have to be accessible to the average user for the metaverse to be widely accepted.

Because the industry is fragmented, there has not been a centralized portal where users can easily find and purchase apps they are interested in. The Apple App Store and Google Play Store offer users access to and download traditional games but not blockchain-based games and apps.

In the world of gaming and apps, things are evolving quickly. Pay-to-play games were initially the most popular, then came free-to-play games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone, and now play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity and K4 Rally are on the rise. Despite Apple and Google holding a large market share of existing app stores, they lag behind in the crypto industry. They fail to bridge this emerging gap in the market.

For that reason, LUDO built a central platform where users can access the Web3 and metaverse experiences tailored to meet their individual needs. By creating a centralized platform, LUDO makes all games and metaverses searchable and accessible for all users.


LUDO has several features, including the followings:

– Launchpad: LUDO Launchpad gives creators the essential tools to launch a new collection. It also connects them with target audiences on different platforms.

– Ads Engine: The ludo ads engine lets creators advertise their digital products on its next-generation AppStore, including NFT collections, metaverse experiences, and other crypto assets.

– NFT Showcase: LUDO NFT Showcase is a digital showroom for creators’ NFT albums. The showcase is accessible to collectors, who can select the collection they like to purchase it seamlessly.

LUDO Token

The LUDO token is the native token of the platform. It powers ecosystem activities and provides governance functions, granting token holders a voice on platform development-related decisions.

LUDO holders also have exclusive access to the Ludo Launchpad, NFT campaigns, and airdrops. By staking or farming on the platform, LUDO holders can also earn passive income.