Dr Disrespect’s Midnight Society announces partnership with Polygon, exploring NFT options

Logo of the studio., tags: midnight society polygon - CC BY-SA

Popular streamer Dr Disrespect’s studio Midnight Society has officially announced a joint collaboration with Web3 development platform Polygon Studios on a mission to reach a wider audience in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the blockchain economy, as per Forbes.

Midnight Society hailed this partnership as an effort “to construct a game publishing platform on the Polygon blockchain where players can trade their in-game items freely without incurring high transaction fees or negatively impacting the environment.”

Back in March this year, Dr Disrespect announced there would be NFTs following the release of Midnight Society’s first-ever game, Project Moon. These NFTs would be in a form of skins and available after the players purchase the Founder’s Pass. Once the players get the Pass, they will get many rewards, such as merch drops, early access to the game builds, and exclusive in-game NFT avatars.

The Doc also slapped down any claims saying the Founder’s Pass was an easy “cash grab” for Midnight Studios and the Pass was merely an additional feature not a necessity for players to enjoy the game itself.

“You don’t have to have NFTs to play,” Dr. Disrespect said. “And it doesn’t change your experience of the game once it releases. The game will continue to be free to play….You can’t buy your way to winning [with the NFTs]. It won’t be pay-to-win. However, for those of you who do want to get more involved, there are ways to do so via these NFTs.”

Polygon x Midnight Society

According to the survey conducted by Midnight Society, more than 95% of users would like to have the ability to sell, buy and trade items they get in the game.

Midnight Society Co-founder and Studio Head Robert Bowling considered this collaboration the right step after seeing the communities’ response to Project Moon.

“We see blockchain technology as a launchpad for so many new ways fans can interact with their favorite games, communities, and most importantly, the pivotal parts of development of those titles. The community has spoken, and we’ve listened,” Bowling said in a released statement.

“With any new technology, there are weaknesses, and what we loved about Polygon was their ability to address every concern we had while also having an eye towards where this technology could go in the future to support our grand ambition.”

In addition, Polygons CEO Ryan Wyatt said he was “thrilled to be working with Midnight Society as they expand the realms and possibilities in gaming.”

“Blockchain-based games are quickly becoming the biggest focus of the gaming industry. Project Moon is entering the space by providing an off-chain and on-chain experience, allowing gamers to have the best of both worlds. They can own, monetize, and transfer digital assets in-game through the opt-in NFT experience, without it being an obligation,” Wyatt added.

In April, Polygon expressed its commitment to go carbon-negative by the end of 2022. The company has poured $20 million in a form of investment into several initiatives that maximize the use of technology to tackle climate change. The ultimate goal is Polygon will take more carbon out of the atmosphere than it produces.