Joyride launches crypto wallet for blockchain mobile games

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Joyride Games announced Thursday the launch of its crypto wallet, Joyride Wallet, for partner developers within their publishing program. In line with the company’s goal to improve new user onboarding processes in blockchain gaming, the wallet offers an “easy-to-use and flexible solution” to manage blockchain assets.”

The company has implemented Joyride Wallet for its internally developed games, including Solitaire Blitz and Trickshot Blitz, but the launch allows more developers access to the wallet to give players a more streamlined experience.

“If the growth of our games and Joyride’s Wallet is any indication, there is a stable and growing audience for quality, differentiated web3 games on mobile, and in particular for titles that are approachable and that gently on-board users to blockchain to add value to their game experience,” Joyride founder and CEO Omar Siddiqui said.

Joyride recently said in a press release that the average Joyride Wallet user played games for over 40 minutes per day and was involved in over eight on-chain transactions per week, showing significant interest in the casual market for blockchain-based games.

“This Summer has been termed a ‘Crypto Winter’ with dramatic volatility in NFT and token values, ecosystem shifts, and consumer sentiment shifts, but that turbulence is pretty natural whenever a new ecosystem is being created,” Siddiqui continued.

“Our approach has been to keep our heads down and build great mobile games and infrastructure services to power an ecosystem of approachable titles that will on-board millions – and eventually billions – of players to blockchain.”

Joyride on mass blockchain adoption

Compared to some of its peers in the blockchain gaming industry, such as Axie Infinity or Gods Unchained, Joyride focuses on introducing the casual market to blockchain games. One of its latest games, Tennis Champs, recently released an NFT collection on OpenSeas, which went sold out in 30 seconds, according to a Joyride press release.

The company believes the path to a sustainable blockchain economy will be through mobile gaming on platforms such as Android and iOS. One of the main principles Joyride uses to guide itself is reaching “gamers where they play” instead of creating closed-off ecosystems, which calls for collaborations with mainstream mobile gaming companies. While it acknowledges that working with such companies can create its own limitations, its goal of entertaining “hundreds of millions of players” can only be accomplished by catering to a niche audience.

“The enthusiasm of millions of players discovering the web3 features baked into our titles’ gameplay has reinforced our belief that sustainable blockchain economies, deployed on the world’s most popular gaming platform – the mobile phone – will be the path to the broad adoption of web3,” Joyride says in a blog post.

Joyride argues that adding hurdles like requiring people to link a crypto wallet to play games will only hinder adoption since most people do not care about the specifics of cryptocurrency and blockchain gaming. The company is taking an approach where players can naturally get more into the blockchain features of their games over time instead of making them a requirement to start playing.