Web3 gaming marketplace AQUA announces partnership with Immutable X

Web3 gaming marketplace AQUA has partnered with Immutable X to expand its offerings for the Web3 community, including NFTs that can be traded gas-free on the Ethereum blockchain. AQUA will assist Immutable X in gaining traction with the general gaming community, while Immutable X will be providing backend tech and expertise to support games on the platform.

“We’re bullish on blockchain gaming being the right technology to deliver real value for players, and partnering with IMX expedites that vision. We seek partners that understand player needs, going beyond what’s standard to deliver custom experiences, and we’re excited to build them with IM,” AQUA CEO Sean Ryan said.

AQUA has previously partnered with popular NFT games such as Gods Unchained, Axie Infinity and Guild of Guardians. The support from Immutable X will provide the developers on AQUA with “verifiable provenance of in-game digital assets as fully-carbon neutral NFTs.” This will reduce fees for players and improve the overall experience for AQUA users as they will need to worry less about fluctuating prices in transactions.

“We’re pleased to be partnering with AQUA, an exciting gaming-specific marketplace on the Immutable Ecosystem. Immutable X is looking forward to providing a seamless, gasless NFT trading experience for AQUA’s gaming partners as we work together to bring the next billion players to web3,” said Immutable X co-founder and CEO Robbie Ferguson.

AQUA and Immutable X’s blockchain gaming goals

In July, Ryan discussed AQUA’s main priorities while revealing the type of games the company would be partnering with. While other Web3 marketplaces trade NFTs from a variety of projects, AQUA chose to focus on blockchain gaming. The reason is that many blockchain games offer NFTs with “real utility” and can act as an accessible entry point into the Web3 ecosystem for users with limited knowledge of blockchain technology.

“It’s important to provide a dedicated space for players to dive deep into these games, including helping nurture communities around this exciting new category. AQUA wants to emphasize play over pay,” said Ryan.

“The current web3 game landscape is rapidly changing, with frequent updates and new titles on the way, so it’s our mission to highlight great games from studios big and small, and across a wide variety of blockchains, starting with Immutable, Polygon and Ronin.”

Immutable X, meanwhile, has been focusing on securing partnerships with blockchain gaming-related projects. Last month, it announced a partnership with esports-focused NFT shooter StarHeroes. With its ZK-rollup technology, Immutable X allows for gas-free NFT transactions in the game. Much like the partnership with AQUA, StarHeroes is looking to lower the barrier to entry and reduce the number of transactions its users need to deal with by leveraging Immutable X’s solutions.

“Aligned with Immutable’s vision of accelerating the adoption of web3 games, we’re excited and ready to take advantage of the innovative gaming and NFT solutions that Immutable has to offer,” said StarHeroes CEO Maverick Milkowski.

“Thanks to this powerhouse partnership, we hope to get more players familiar with our multiplayer blockchain-based space shooter and unlock new high-tech possibilities they’ll be able to experience while exploring StarHeroes!”