Linktree launches features for creators to showcase NFTs

Recently, link-in-bio platform Linktree launched three new features that allow creators to showcase their NFTs and “build a community around ownership”. Developed in partnership with OpenSea, a prominent NFT marketplace, Linktree’s newest features will also allow creators to monetize their NFT collections.

Creators can generate a preview of their NFTs by adding the URL of an OpenSea collection to Linktree’s NFT Gallery link feature. They can also verify the ownership of the collection by connecting the NFTs to their Metamask wallets.

Alex Zaccaria, CEO of Linktree told TechCrunch said, “with this latest launch, Linktree provides a range of features to empower content creators in the Web3 space.”

Zaccaria argued that as the rapidly growing number of content providers using Web3 inspired the company to offer content creators the tools they need to promote their NFTs.

More on Linktree’s new features

In addition to NFT Gallery, Linktree also introduced NFT profile and background pictures and NFT locking.

NFT Gallery: The feature allows users to display their NFTs on Linktree. Content creators will be able to add OpenSea collection URLs to generate previews. They also have the option to connect with Metamask wallets to verify the copyright of their works.

Content creators can choose a maximum of six NFTs for display. Users will then be able to go to OpenSea to view and purchase available NFTs with just one click.

NFT profile picture and background: After linking their wallet, content creators can also use their NFTs as a Linktree profile or background picture. For profile pictures, verified NFTs will appear with a hexagonal frame, similar to NFT Twitter profiles.

As for the background, there will be a verification badge at the bottom of the content creator’s Linktree. Verification of both is done by utilizing OpenSea and Metamask.

NFT locking: The feature allows content creators to lock their links with a smart contract address. Users with NFTs of certain collections can unlock links by linking their wallets to prove their ownership. This feature allows content creators to distribute the benefits of NFT more easily and securely.

Today, many leading digital companies are in a race to integrate NFTs into their platforms. Earlier, Spotify confirmed that it was testing a new feature that would allow artists to promote NFT through their profiles. Likewise, Instagram recently started testing NFT with selected content creators from the United States.

These technological developments prompted Linktree to adopt NFT integration features into its platform. By the time the move was announced, Linktree had raised $110 million across equity rounds in March. The fund boosted Linktree’s valuation to $1.3 billion.

The platform’s number of visits hit 1.2 billion in 2021, according to Linktree. This provided 90 million visits to streaming services for content developers. The Linktree platform has been utilized by more than 24 million content creators, artists, and businesses around the world so far. Selena Gomez, the Los Angeles Clippers, HBO, and Shawn Mendes are among Linktree users.