Bots flock blockchain-based, NFT MMO game League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms, an Ethereum blockchain-based MMO strategy game, has recently been overrun by bots. The issue has been acknowledged by the game’s development team. Chief Operating Officer Han Yoo said in a recent interview that the developers used many bots to make the game more attractive. As a result, the game is prone to errors.

The League of Kingdom’s technical issues

League of Kingdoms can be played on PC as well as on mobile devices. Players can download it from Google Play and the Apple App Store. However, the game developers are having trouble with the latter.

League of Kingdoms is an autonomous and blockchain-decentralized ecosystem. Players can purchase land and other NFT assets in the official game store or on the OpenSea marketplace, with Blockchain ownership guaranteed.

There are several game modes on the platform. The single-player mode allows players to build an empire. In player-versus-environment mode, players gather resources and dispatch warriors on missions to slay monsters.

While the game may be interesting, many players have complained that the mobile version was full of bugs and the interface had not been translated well into many languages.

“We’ve been updating our server with several patches and updates to accommodate the growing number of users, but the proportion of bots is quite high compared to other games, and it is causing lag and bugs in our game,” Yoo said.

“We’ve developed an anti-bot system to filter out the flood of bot accounts. Also, we are encrypting the codes to prevent bot developers and abusers from exploiting our game. Currently, we are building a dedicated unit to monitor and ban the bot and cheaters, as well to comb out the malicious users from the game.”

Even with these issues, there has been an extensive community of players and a roadmap for the next two years. As of now, League of Kingdoms is a fully functioning application that has been downloaded by thousands.

The game allows players to build their own empires, raise armies to defend their lands, and engage in wars. In addition to that, players can take part in various contests, competitions, and quests for trophies and rewards. Kingdoms can form alliances with other kingdoms to fight for control of different territories.

Players are also invited to participate in decision-making processes, including by voting for upcoming game content. A proposal that gets the most votes will be implemented in the next game update.

The gameplay of League of Kingdom revolves around the game’s NFT land token, with kingdom-building being its central theme. In the game, players begin with a primitive city-state and build it into a massive empire. The treasure and skill system in the League of Kingdoms is one of its unique features. Special magical abilities can be unlocked by crafting artifacts.

In comparison to well-known NFT games like Axie Infinity and Gods Unchained, League of Kingdoms might seem to be a relatively obscure product. Nevertheless, this game is a real-time strategy game, which is an unconventional style for an NFT game.