SRG Studios to launch Cosmic Coffee Cups NFT collection

Leading online game developer SRG Studios will release a new NFT collection of Cosmic Coffee Cups, along with its newest title, Cosmic Isles. The NFT launch will take place in Mid-June.

Players who take part in the upcoming NFT sale will gain access to the game’s pre-alpha key. In the Cosmic Isles metaverse, they will experience the game firsthand and get additional perks such as staking rewards, land sales, and whitelisting.

As an open-world, play-and-earn RPG, Cosmic Isles combines an engaging adventure gameplay system with community-developed games. Players can explore challenging small universes with their friends and earn tokens to mint new NFTs. It also allows players to interact in a transparent and thriving virtual marketplace. The game utilizes the power of the Metaverse, NFTs, and DeFi to establish a virtual community of games, players, and developers.

Taking place in a magical land, players undertake a quest to discover the land’s secrets. Unlike most RPG games, players in this game can own land, earn tokens through gameplay, and get rewarded for bringing value to the ecosystem. The new explorers made their way to the Isles the same way as their predecessors Cosmic, by drinking coffee and following their curiosity.

Through their cosmic avatars, players will be able to control the islands and explore to gather resources. They can create a space for their home base of operations. The space is entirely theirs, where they can relax and personalize it as they wish.

Additionally, players’ property can function as a hosting location or a hub for exploring other places around the world. They can also do business with friends and neighbors, including creating homes for foreign adventurers. While the islands pose many dangers, they also present opportunities for profit.

The game will be available on mobile devices and PC. Games-as-NFTs can be created by developers and communities, and players can install them on their Cosmic Lands, allowing everyone to enjoy a thriving world of games. Players can earn tokens that can be used to purchase items, weapons, and gear.

Cosmic Coffee Cups NFTs

There will be a collection of 10,000 original hand-brewed NFTs with over 250 distinct traits in the upcoming NFTs launch. By owning a Cosmic Coffee Cup, owners of the NFT will have early access to the game. Some perks of minting a Cosmic Coffee Cup include:

– Exclusive access to the game in the pre-alpha phase of development;

– Staking rewards; and

– Extra airdrops and in-game rewards.

The players will have to drink a lot of coffee to reach the Isles. Cosmic Coffee Cups will unlock the Cosmic Isles metaverse with a collection of 10,000 unique handmade NFTs with over 250 different properties. Cosmic Coffee Cup holders will have access to rewards, making them the first members of the cosmic community to participate.

In the near future, players will be able to acquire Cosmic Lands and Avatars, enhancing their gameplay and earning profits. Furthermore, the marketplace offers a range of blockchain assets that players can buy and trade using ISLES tokens. These assets include weapons, gear, and customization items for Lands.