Monopolon: New monopoly metaverse game with NFTs

NTF inscription on cubes against the background of dollars and microcircuits, tags: game - unsplash

Monopolon, GameFi’s most recent project, is a Monopoly-inspired play-to-earn board game. Built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the game involves moving NFT characters around the grid to earn rewards.

Monopolon is played on a virtual pentagon surrounded by 5 cities that make up the metaverse. These 5 cities are Sakura City, Cultural City, Crypto City, Meta City, and Space City. Five powerful bosses rule these cities. The player’s role is to assist these bosses to dominate the whole Monopolon metaverse.

NFT characters in Monopolon

Monopolon recently developed a series of Mystic NFTs called Bluechip NFTs. With them, players are allowed to boost the power of the bosses, which are the following:


Mazaguji is the boss of Sakura City and an entrepreneur in the technology and investment sectors. With all his wealth and power, he wants the entire Monopolon Metaverse at his fingertips.


Zack is the ruler of Cultural city and a business tycoon in e-commerce and utility agency. A hardworking character, he has the power, resources, and money to expand Cultural City throughout the Monopolon Metaverse.


A native of Crypto City, CZI is a conqueror, an entrepreneur, and the founder of the world’s largest crypto exchange trading, He is prepared to occupy the Monopolon metaverse with his crypto bulldozer.


Marko is a tech genius who developed a social networking platform that allows people to connect with each other. As the youngest of all, he is eager to conquer each land of the Monopolon metaverse.


Eden is the Mayor of Space City. He controls the automobile industry and desires to control the entire Monopolon metaverse. He is prepared to blast his opponents with his powerful missiles.


The game uses a virtual pentagon board and two dice. The number on the dice determines players’ activity. There are 125 grids on the board, each containing an activity.

Players control the bosses to roam the metaverse, gain rewards, join guilds, invite other players to battle, take part in boss raids and guild wars, and earn and secure their place in the metaverse through virtual land and infrastructure purchases.

Built on the BSC network, $MGM and $MLON are Monopolon’s native tokens, with which players can buy NFT characters.

Types of NFTs

Mystic NFTs

Mystic NFTs are two-star multipliers. A limited-edition Mystic NFT costs 3000 $MLON. A mystic character provides a 100% chance for one passive skill, 75% chance of two passive skills, and 25% chance of three passive skills with 2 times the attacking and farming power of Rare NFTs.

Legend NFTs

Legend NFTs are 1.5-star multipliers. Legend NFTs have a 100% chance for one passive skill and a 70% chance of two passive skills. With up to two passive skills, it has 1.5 times the attacking and farming power of Rare NFTs.

Epic NFTs

Epic NFTs cost 300 $MLON each. Epic NFTs have a 100% chance of one passive skill and a 30% chance of two passive skills. In terms of attacking and farming power, it is 1.5 times better than Rare NFTs. Epic NFTs are 1.2-star multipliers.

Rare NFTs

Rare NFTs require 100 $MLON to purchase. Rare NFTs come with a 50% chance of one passive skill. Each Rare NFT is a one-star multiplier.

Common NFTs

Common NFTs are 0.5-star multipliers with no passive skills. Their attacking and farming power are half of Rare NFTs.