Monster Zone – Virtua Island’s new area in Virtua Prime metaverse

Virtua has announced the launch of the Monster Zone, the first area to be released on Virtua Island in the Virtua Prime metaverse.

The Monster Zone will begin its land sale at 5 p.m. GMT. Users can participate in the land sale via laptop, desktop and mobile through a browser. Users can also purchase condos and make them their homes in the metaverse.

CEO and co-founder Jawad Ashraf explained that Virtua provides users with several forms of fun and utilities. Virtua allows everyone to meet and socialize with similar-minded people, play Web3 games and collect digital assets. Players can also create their brand by utilizing one of the many land plots available on Virtua Prime. Landowners can cultivate their land and build various infrastructures or buildings. Investors will have chances to acquire one of the many upcoming NFTs and show off their NFT collections in their customized Fancave.

“With high fidelity graphics, world-leading industry expertise and an exciting roadmap for continuous development, we are developing a genre-defining games metaverse network,” Ashraf said.

“We can’t wait to welcome everyone into Virtua Island Monster Zone to experience Monster Zone and the Virtua metaverse.”

Virtua was established in 2017, providing immersive Web 3.0 gaming and experience in collecting digital assets through virtual environments and exclusive brand partnerships. Virtua has collaborated with Legendary Pictures on several exclusive digital collectibles. One of these collectibles was released in conjunction with the premiere of Godzilla VS Kong in 2021, which culminated in the recently released Godzilla VS Kong Legacy collection.

Virtua plans to develop and release more zones in its metaverse.

Monster Zone’s features

The Monster Zone combines elements of the metaverse and gaming. The game will be populated with creatures from famous IPs and new brands. Players will get to acquire, create and trade resources and creatures to win rewards.

Since land plots are now available in Monster Zone, players can access features like the free-roam Monster Park, the Monster Hub and themed cribs where they can store NFTs. There are also Experience Zones in different themes such as Monster, Mech, Battlefield, Gamer, and many more.

The plots have different sizes, Small, Medium, Large and Giga. Each plot has mineable resources players can use to make in-game items. In rarer plots, players will require land bots to assist with mining and exploration. These plots also contain more rare resources and non-playable characters.

There are 5,002 plots and 1,000 condos available on Virtua Island. Players can buy them via the Ethereum (ETH) network using ETH or Virtua’s native cryptocurrency, TVK. Players who purchase land with TVK will receive a discount of 10 percent. For Cardano users, there are 500 plots available to buy with Cardano’s currency, ADA.

On the first day of the Monster Zone mint event, players will only be able to mint Large and Giga land plots, with prestige members getting exclusive access to the first pre-mint stage.

Those who mint Large land plots will get a free Monster Zone NFT. Throughout the minting week, everyone who mints a Small, Medium or Large land plot will also receive an exclusive NFT vehicle.