MyMetaverse, Enjin to launch NFTs for GTA5, Minecraft

Metaverse creation and discovery platform MyMetaverse is partnering with Singapore-based tech company Enjin to launch NFTs in Grand Theft Auto 5 and Minecraft servers.

MyMetaverse’s NFT collection, MetaHome, was first minted on the Efinity parachain and will be available for use on all the games supported by MyMetaverse, including select GTA5 and Minecraft servers. Players who own the NFT in Infinity Auto, MyMetaverse’s official GTA5 server, will have access to an exclusive, special vehicle. Survival Infinity, the company’s Minecraft server, will grant players access to a special sword for owning the NFT.

When asked by GamesBeat lead writer Dean Takahashi whether MyMetaverse’s NFTs were approved by Rockstar Games or Microsoft, MyMetaverse clarified that the NFTs were not officially integrated.

“To clarify, the NFTs have been minted on Efinity and can be incorporated in MyMetaverse Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft gaming servers. In Infinity Auto, a MyMetaverse Grand Theft Auto 5 server, they take the form of a rare vehicle; in Survival Infinity, a MyMetaverse Minecraft server, they become a special sword. In answer to your question, they are not official integrations with Rockstar or Minecraft,” said MyMetaverse in a statement.

MyMetaverse’s decision to create NFTs for Minecraft came at an odd time as Minecraft’s developer, Mojang, banned NFT integration for Minecraft back in July. MyMetaverse did not mention the ban or its plans to deal with the situation.

MyMetaverse and Enjin’s goals and ecosystem

Chief executive officer and founder of MyMetaverse Simon Kertonegoro said that the most valuable types of NFTs focused on improving the everyday experience for the average player, which is why MyMetaverse’s NFTs are for popular, mainstream games. Additionally, MyMetaverse chose to create NFTs for games that strongly focus on social multiplayer experiences to develop a strong community for its users.

MyMetaverse’s partnership with Enjin will enable it to integrate NFTs from the Polkadot ecosystem into existing AAA-level games with fast and easy transactions, improving the accessibility of NFTs for the average gamer. Cross-game interoperability is also a concept that MyMetaverse is exploring to increase the value and utility of its NFTs for its owners.

“We believe the most valuable NFTs will be those that have the greatest impact on people’s everyday experiences. With utility in three separate games, the MetaHome collection is an exploration of blockchain-enabled, cross-game interoperability…,” said Kertonegoro, as quoted by VentureBeat.

Besides MyMetaverse, Enjin granted other game studios access, including big names such as Square Enix, to the Efinity development platform in March. These companies will work with Enjin to create the first version of the Enjin ecosystem before the development platform is released to the wider game development community. Enjin itself is focused on developing infrastructure for the ecosystem, including a blockchain explorer, a marketplace and tools to support developers.

“Enjin aims to be the NFT highway connecting game studios and their users onto the blockchain. Leveraging Enjin’s comprehensive suite of tools and the scalability of the Efinity parachain, we are excited to collaborate with MyMetaverse to integrate NFTs into AAA games such as GTA 5 — allowing gamers to own digital collectibles within their favorite games,” said Enjin’s chief technology officer Witek Radomski.