NFTSTAR to launch four blockchain-powered products

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NFTSTAR, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The9 Limited, will be holding a conference to discuss the launch of its four new blockchain and NFT-related products on October 15, 2022.

NFTSTAR will launch an NFT collection based on the soccer player Neymar Junior. The company is also working on a Web3 metaverse social platform, Playmaker, that focuses on showing off key moments of various global soccer matches to the Web3 audience. as well as Metagoal, a soccer-focused blockchain game where players manage their own virtual soccer club. In the game, users can strategize and trade their virtual players to compete against others in a tournament and maximize their chances of winning the Meta-World Cup.

The company also revealed Wonder Win, a sports prediction collection game where players can earn and collect commemorative NFTs by making accurate game predictions and finishing sports-related quizzes.

The four products will be the core of NFTSTAR’s metaverse ecosystem and are part of the larger NFTSTAR community platform. While the current lineup is mainly focused on sports players, the community platform will also include key players in various industries such as music, art and sports.

“The NFTSTAR community platform will cover superstars in various fields, including but not limited to sports, entertainment, art and celebrities in different industries. NFTSTAR community platform aims to create a significant portal to the future metaverse through superstars’ NFT collections, trading, and community interaction,” wrote The9 Limited in a press release.

The9 Limited’s blockchain investments

The9’s new blockchain products were announced following a series of strategic investments the company has made over recent years. Previously in May, it purchased a blockchain computing center in Kyrgyzstan to deploy 7,500 Antminer S19J Bitcoin mining machines which would be “contributing approximately 675PH/s hash power”, giving the company the ability to generate cryptocurrencies.

NFTSTAR has also made partnerships with popular sports players, including American football star Christian McCaffrey, South Korean soccer icon Son Heung-min and Portuguese soccer household name Luis Figo last November. The platform works with them to develop exclusive digital collections of videos, animations and other digital works that visualize an athlete’s most career-defining moments.

NFTSTAR was made through a joint collaboration between The9 Limited, open-source research and development lab Protocol Labs and Ethereum scaling platform Polygon. The collaboration means that any blockchain products The9 developed, including NFTSTAR, would choose Polygon as its “first priority of public blockchain”.

Besides their own NFT projects, the three companies made plans to start a GameFi fund that would look for and invest in promising GameFi projects.

“The three parties will initiate discussions to form a GameFi fund, which will seek promising GameFi projects to invest in and provide financial and technical support to them. The three parties will also collaborate to identify new partners for the fund and continue to explore potential investment opportunities globally,” The9 Limited wrote when NFTSTAR was announced.

“Seeking to contribute resources and experience to stimulate the development of NFT and GameFi businesses, The9 welcomes relevant project teams or organizations to join this alliance, for a better growth of the NFT and GameFi ecosystem.”