Planetarium Labs releases PFP NFT series for Nine Chronicles

Web3 gaming company Planetarium Labs launched a PFP NFT series called D:CC, or in short for De:Centralized Cat, for its 2020 fantasy MMORPG title, Nine Chronicles.

The NFT series will provide rewards, in-game items, and additional currencies exclusively for holders. D:CC members will also be allowed to vote for upcoming collaborations.

As the name suggests, the D:CC is a cat-themed PFP NFT series, and it will set forth a “new set of fur-sonas” to the game along with cat ears and tails blessed by the Cosmic Cat God the Grrreat. Nine Chronicles is listed as an early access game on Steam and is still unavailable to download at the time of writing.

The team also announced “Pionyan Program NO.2”, that will run from August 24 to September 13. The program is simply a way to seed certain allocated spots for “Pionyan List” or the game’s version of whitelist based on specific requirements, which will be selected via raffle on Planetarium Labs’ Discord.

“We created the D:CC that enriches the world of Nine Chronicles, a robust, collaborative universe created with our community,” Planetarium Labs co-founders JC Kim and Kijun Seo said.

“The NFT collection allows us to expand our creative platform and IP, continuing our growth as we deliver the future of gaming through decentralized content and technologies.”

More on D:CC

The team explained that D:CC is not merely a simple PFP NFT series. Instead, holders may use their PFP in-game, either by earning experience points or using it as a costume.

“D: CC’s NFT is not just a simple PFP(profile picture). Not only does the NFT give you access to the vast, open-source world of Nine Chronicles and the D:CC, where you can immerse yourself into play, craft, and earning experience with your PFP, but you can also use it as your costume. PFP holders will be given a special symbol to show off their D:CC membership in the game!” the team wrote.

Also, there are “other exclusive rewards, in-game items (all NFTs!), and additional currencies” for D:CC holders, although the team did not discuss many details.

To be eligible for D:CC, users can apply through the Pionyan Program NO.2. Similar to the previous edition, the second program will likely feature level requirements and limited spots. The team has yet to announce the specifics. However, these would likely follow the Pionyan Program NO.1, which was only made accessible to level 50+ Nine Chronicles players in addition to 999 limited spots.

Aside from launching its own PFP NFT series, Nine Chronicles also has upcoming collaborations with other Web3 games, namely The Sandbox, Sipher, and Delysium.

About Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles is a decentralized fantasy game released in mid-2020. The developer team comprises experienced individuals who have previously worked for big names gaming companies, including Nine Chronicles art director Sangmi Seon (Caesty).

Seon had a fair share of working as a director of art and design for South Korean gaming publisher NEXON and Japanese gaming giant Capcom. She was also among those who worked on the PFP NFT series.

“Echoing the details and care that we put into every aspect of Nine Chronicles, I wanted the NFT collection to reflect the lively and dynamic world. Each PFP is unique and beautiful,” Seon said.