Safeguarding metaverse: Spectrum Labs creates Guardian for games

Leading artificial intelligence (AI)-based content moderation platform Spectrum Labs has announced that it created its own version of Guardian product purpose-built to safeguard the gaming communities in the Metaverse. Guardian for Games helps developers to build safety into their products, especially in terms of inclusivity in the next era of the internet.

“Online toxicity is massive, growing, and a huge strain on companies dealing with thousands of incidents per day with outdated tools,” Spectrum Labs writes on their website. “Spectrum Labs helps online platforms identify harmful content in text and audio content with a high degree of accuracy and quickly respond.”

Making Metaverse safe place for all

According to data from Bloomberg Professional Services, the Metaverse will be a major milestone in the world of technology. It was calculated that by 2024, the Metaverse would have a market opportunity of nearly $800 billion. In theta figure, Gaming would make up as little as half at more than $400 billion.

Gaming is an increasingly important channel of social interaction. A recent study by Accenture concluded that the medium is essentially a super-platform for reaching people. As the Gaming industry is expected to be an important aspect of the Metaverse, safeguarding the virtual world has never been more important.

“Gaming platforms will be at the forefront of building the metaverse,” said Chief Executive Officer at Spectrum Labs, Justin Davis.

“And trust has to be built into the foundation of the platform and all its products. For gaming companies and developers, building the best user experience, free from harmful content and toxicity, will be the key deciding factor in which platforms user communities choose.”

The online gaming community can be a place where people gather, enjoy, share, and connect. However, it can also be a place full of bullies and toxicity. Guardian for Games, Spectrum Labs’ first Guardian product was built to optimize player experiences in the virtual world. Similar products are currently in use by gaming companies to protect their players.

Guardian for Games is equipped with an AI that can detect the five most destructive behaviors in gaming communities. It also has a proactive user-level action, which helps suppress bad behaviors and encourage the good ones in a bid to build better communities. The product helps customers identify and respond to potentially damaging behaviors in real-time, in context, and across languages.

“We continuously strive to create a safe and thriving player community, so it is crucial we take appropriate action whenever disruptive behavior is reported,” said Head of Player Dynamics at Riot Games, Weszt Hart.

“Spectrum Labs’ platform has enabled us to more confidently detect when in-text disruptive behavior has occurred, which led to 3.3 million time-based penalties in 2021. When avoiding disruptive behavior isn’t entirely possible, Spectrum Labs’ technology provides a strong last line of defense.”

“We are excited to work with Spectrum Labs for the launch of the AWS for Games initiative from Amazon Web Services,” said Head of BD at AWS Game Tech, Rob Schoeppe. “With this launch, we now offer key solutions from partners like Spectrum Labs alongside AWS solutions. This portfolio greatly simplifies how customers can find the necessary tools to create the best games possible.”