Amazon enters metaverse, introduces online game ‘AWS Cloud Quest’

American multinational technology company, Amazon has joined the metaverse bandwagon after releasing “AWS Cloud Quest”, a 3D online game, officially marking the company’s entry into the metaverse.

By introducing the new game, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is aiming to increase one of the company’s subsidiaries, namely its on-demand cloud computing platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Amazon’s entry could also possibly mark the company’s first-ever release of NFTs and any other crypto-related assets sometimes in the future.

Amazon’s new virtual world

AWS Cloud Quest is Amazon’s answer to the metaverse, following other big industry names such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple among others interested in developing the virtual world.

In a video uploaded on YouTube, Amazon explained further what is the new game is all about. AWS Cloud Quest is an open-world RPG online game where players will be able to learn how to build “real AWS solutions” through cloud concepts and exercises provided in the game.

“Cloud Quest is an open-world role-playing game that teaches you how to build real AWS solutions using cloud concepts and exercises,” explains the video uploaded on March 14. “As a cloud practitioner, you’ll venture on a journey to help the citizens in town transform their city by using cloud solutions,” the video explains.

Players may test their technical skills by solving puzzles, simulations, and “hands-on labs” as a way of solving business-related problems into technical solutions.

“You can take your technical training to the next level by turning business problems into technical solutions through puzzles, simulations and hands-on labs. As a foundational building block for skill building and career development, Cloud Quest gives you control of your learning journey at your own pace. With tons of customizations, unique assignments and game modes,” AWS added in the video.

Amazon’s potential NFT, other crypto assets

David Ramel of the Visualization & Cloud Review noted that what differentiates Amazon’s AWS Cloud Quest and that of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud is the “scarcity” of the word “metaverse” mentioned by Amazon.

While Microsoft associated Azure Cloud mostly with the metaverse of metaverse-related technology such as Web 3.0, NFTs, smart contracts, decentralized identity, and many more.

This led us to speculations about whether or not Amazon’s AWS Cloud Quest will introduce its own NFTs and perhaps other crypto-related assets in the game later.

There is not much not say regarding such matters as Bezos and co. has yet to provide confirmation at the time of writing this article. But, seeing how Amazon is “late” dipping in the waters to the metaverse hype, the company will surely face strong competition from other names such as Nike, Adidas, and many more who had participated early on.

Moreover, AWS director of professional cloud education programs, Kevin Kelly, explained in a blog post the game’s centerpiece is on providing players or students direct in-game activities, therefore allowing them to “immediately translate theory into practice”.

“AWS Cloud Quest and AWS Educate are deliberately moving away from passive content. We want to make the abstract concepts of cloud computing a reality through interactive, hands-on activities that allow students to immediately translate theory into practice,” Kelly said.

While at the moment it seems like Amazon is keen on developing AWS’ metaverse with a prime focus in interactive tech education and development—NFTs and crypto-related assets or digital assets monetization seem to be very unlikely.