Amazon to work on God of War TV series adaptation

After an exclusive success of God of War (2018) on PlayStation and recently being released on PC, a God of War TV series adaptation is reportedly in the works by Amazon for its streaming service platform Prime Video, sources revealed to Deadline on Monday.

According to Deadline, well-known screenwriters/creators of the TV series “The Expanse” Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby would be responsible to bring the video game hit title to the series format. Further, Deadline added executive producer and writer Rafe Judkins would collaborate with Fergus and Ostby alongside Sony Productions as well Sony Pictures Television.

While there is no confirmation from either Amazon or Sony at the time of writing this article, Amazon has been trying to up Prime Video’s library of TV adaptations of video game hit titles.

Other projects, competitions

Prior to the rumored God of War series adaptation, reportedly Amazon has been working on other video games hit titles such as Fallout and Mass Effect.

However, landing on a deal to work on God of War could mean intensifying competition among streaming services in their race to provide the audience with series adaptations on some of the beloved gaming titles.

Previously, Netflix had just finished working on Resident Evil live action-series and reports suggests the popular streaming site is keen on adapting video game horror-thriller title Bioshock to series format. In addition, Paramount Plus is set to release the first episode of the Halo series on March 24, and Peacock is also set to work on the Twisted Metal series adaptation.

Video games’ live adaptation often gets a bad reputation, especially from gamers who are familiar with the game’s version. The case in hand is Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, a series based on the fan-favorite Resident Evil franchise.

Welcome to Raccoon City received a 44 score and 3.6 user score on Metacritic with many disapproving the series for its lack of cinematic thrills and how dull the new series adaptation of the franchise is.

While there is not much that can be said for the God of War series adaptation, casts and how its future would be, fans of the game might want to wait for further confirmation from Sony as well as Amazon Prime Video for future developments.

Notably, the news of a series adaptation of God of War circulated ahead of the release of God of War Ragnarok, a sequel of the previous installment. A leak on Twitter suggests that according to “PlayStation database” Ragnarok will be released on September 30, 2022.

God of War

God of War follows the story of a man from Ancient Greece named Kratos and his journey. In the early titles of the game, Kratos is a Spartan warrior sent by the gods to kill the Greek god of war Ares and after successfully killing Ares, Kratos assumed the role of god of war.

The young Kratos eventually will annihilate the entire Greek pantheon and his story continues in the latest edition God of War (2018). As a mature man and now a father, Kratos is trying to move on from his rage and god-killing life. Kratos with his son, Atreus started the story with a scene of his mother’s cremation who had instructed them to do so before she died.

The two continue their journey to find the highest peak in Norse mythology to scatter her ashes, encounter friends, foe, discover secrets along the way, and most importantly have a father-son relationship like never before.