Local Subscription Updates By Twitch

The Streaming Competition

Thanks to the internet in recent years, the term streamer has become a very common term to hear. This has also started the race between the greats, YouTube vs Twitch.
If we look at it from the statistical point of view, the absolute winner is YouTube. YouTube has grown 343% in terms of streamers so far in the last year compared to Twitch.
Twitch only increased its number of streamers by 197%.

Twitch Local Subscription Updates
image credit: Engadget

However, even if YouTube appears to be the ultimate winner, Twitch is still improving and is shaping up to be one of the best options. For live streaming esports talents, Twitch is offering new opportunities for creators, both old and new. Local subscription is something we will discuss later.

New ones can grow their audiences and generate decent income simultaneously. An excellent example is VALORANT, which has more viewers on Twitch than other titles like League of Legends.
Currently, VALORANT is the third most popular esports title. With 101,000 viewers, VALORANT beats titles like League of Legends, Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone.

Starting in 2016, many creators began to receive less income through Google AdSense. This prompted them to seek new ways to generate income through other platforms that use a monthly membership such as OnlyFans.

Many other content creators have definitely left the YouTube platform due to low income streams. Thanks to this, in recent years, Twitch has benefited from the arrival of familiar faces to its platform, such as Kun Agüero.

Updates Overview

The reason for the arrival of great personalities to the popular purple platform is no accident. Currently, Twitch has a more attractive remuneration system for brands and needs fewer requirements than those requested by YouTube.

While YouTube requires a minimum of 1000 followers to activate paid subscriptions, Twitch only asks to have 50 followers. Also, to broadcast a total of eight hours within 30 days and have an average of three viewers. These things are easier than getting 1000 followers on YouTube.

In addition to the monetary part, the Twitch interface is focused on the interaction between the creator and the viewer. Twitch allows active participation in streams by sending videos or sound effects. Viewers can also interact through the channel’s point system that allows users to redeem rewards designated by the creator.

It should be noted that these points can be obtained for free just by watching the broadcast, but the more money you invest in the streamer, the faster the points are obtained.

Local Subscription Pricing

Attracting more content creators to Twitch was undoubtedly adapting subscriptions to the local  currency of the viewers. At first, it was feared that this action would cause a lower stream income, but it turned out to be the opposite.

Compared to the first three months since the local pricing was implemented, viewers have been giving away five times the amount of subscriptions and supporting their favorite content creators more, even more than before the arrival of this “discount.” These results show that lowering the price can be more beneficial than increasing it. Thanks to this, Twitch recently announced the arrival of these region discounts around the world.

The Impact on Creators Initiators Class Overview

Although it seems like a reduction in the salary of content creators, this change has generated more income for creators compared to what they received before the implementation of these local subscription prices. Some fans could not buy a subscription previously because it was too expensive.

Now with this adaptation of prices to the local currency they have been motivated to support their favorite streamer.
Also, thanks to this, great personalities like Lionel Messi, have created Twitch accounts and may be joining as content creators very soon.

Written by Renato Valladares