Valorant Map Rankings

Why VALORANT Fun To Play

In a game of attack and defense, understanding the map is key. You should be able to fully utilize the skills of your agent while using the terrain to your advantage. The effect different map have on battles is one of the many things that makes VALORANT fun to play. Whether you are attacking or defending, each map offers a certain advantage. With esports tournaments on the rise, VALORANT is as competitive as ever and continues to be an engaging FPS.

Here are our VALORANT map rankings based on the tactical advantages they provide on either offense or defense.

VALORANT Map Rankings
image credit: Riot Games

VALORANT Map Rankings Breakdown

#6 Ascent

Ascent provides an open area with a shooting gallery in the middle, but can be very limiting. This map offers more opportunities for attacks, giving an advantage to agents with high mobility. Most areas can be accessed through various corridors and a team with great communication can put this to good use.

#5 Split

Split features a rope system that allows players to ascend and descend areas for perfect sneak attacks. The map can be difficult when pushing to either site and feels unbalanced. Teams who start off attacking can fall into a deep hole during the first half. This often gives the defenders an advantage.

#4 Haven

Haven is a map that doesn’t necessarily favor attackers or defenders. With a combination of long sightlines, tight spaces and areas with skirmish potential, Haven can feel very balanced. It is perfect for every agent and ensures that players who effectively communicate and play tactically when rotating and defending sites will succeed.

#3 Breeze

Breeze has a sunny resort aesthetic and is a fun map to play. Like Ascent, it also has open spaces and different flank options, but feels more balanced. Coming third in our VALORANT map rankings, Breeze can be advantageous for players who enjoy effective flanking agents.

#2 Icebox

Icebox is considered a difficult map for beginners as it has long rotations. This increases the possibility of a flank if players do not execute swiftly. In Icebox, agents like Raze, Jett and Omen may come in handy as they can easily get to vantage points. The map features tight angles, choke points and long rotations, which ensures players are always alert. This snowy tundra map can feel smooth and is perfect for players who love constant skirmishes as it allows for precise gunplay.

#1 Bind

VALORANT Map Rankings
image credit: VALORANT

Bind comes in first on our VALORANT map rankings list. This desert-like tight laned map feels balanced and allows for a tactical playstyle. Here, teleporters can give you an upper hand. It is up to how well the attackers or defenders execute their play to come out victorious. Most players still prefer specific maps that match their playstyle. Our VALORANT map rankings offer an insight into the pros and cons of each map and what we believe are the best maps to play.

Written by Echoga Emmanuel