Vikings Glory Awaits You When You Play Viking: War Of Clans!

Justgamers best Viking games, conquer with Vikings War of Clans & win with Viking slots!

Here at Justgamers, we’re particularly keen on two games that give you two very different ways to play at being a vicious Viking! The first is the huge Vikings War of Clans MMORPG/MMORTS (massive multi-player online role-playing games and massive multi-player real time strategy games), where you build, explore, battle, and raid your way to Viking glory.


Vikings War of Clans is a fresh and exciting take on the world-building meets strategy meets real-time turn combat games and you can play it on mobile devices or in your web browser, with no need for any Vikings War of Clans download. In the massive multi-player online field, it’s a game that’s really moved things forward; the Vikings War of Clans gameplay is superb and the graphics look amazing!

The second game is one of the best Vikings slot game we’ve seen, where you’re looking to make your own Viking plunder of hoards of gold with the Vikings slot NetEnt game, based on the spectacular Vikings TV show. More on that later, but first we’re going to show you all about the biggest and best MMORPG/RTS with a Viking twist in our JustGamers Vikings War of Clans review.

Vikings War of Clans – How to play like a vicious victorious Viking!

Live to conquer, conquer to live – It’s the Viking way! And you get to play like a Viking here in War of Clans, the epic Viking strategy game.

The Viking: War of Clans game came out in 2015 for Apple and Android mobile devices, with a desktop version through Facebook in 2016 and a full browser version released in 2017. Vikings: War of Clans is a freemium game, totally free to sign up and play, but parts of the game, upgrades and extras are available for players to buy through the game.

As a player, you enter Vikings: War of Clans in one of the over 750 Kingdoms, each one made up of thousands of players. You team up with other players and form your clan, working together for the good of the clan and building up your character as you go. You’ll need to build your strongholds, and gather your resources to let you keep building and growing.

Once you’ve got your base, you’ll then need to start building those armies, because Vikings need to raid, pillage and plunder! And there are plenty of options when it comes to Viking warriors, perfect for the time when you have to take your Viking hoards out to do battle, raid over towns and gather wealth and power – it’s the Viking way!

Vikings: War of Clans – How good is it? Find out in our review!

The Vikings: War of Clans game comes from Plarium, whose previous MMORTS games include Sparta: War of Empires and Stormfall: Age of War, so you know that they can do a good job with these MMORPG/RTS games. However, for this Vikings: War of Clans review, we’re delighted to tell you that Plarium have taken that familiar gameplay of base-building, resource hunting, getting your armies together, and they’ve super-charged it into a game that’s everything you want from a real-time strategy game!

There’s a huge amount of detailing and clever worldbuilding in War of Clans, the character progressions are good with plenty of opportunities for customisation (although, as a freemium game, you’ll be offered the usual paid for extras).

It looks superb, whether you’re on the browser or mobile versions of the game, with smooth graphics for character art and animations, the great looking user interface, and those great full animations of your busy clan stronghold.

If there’s one part that does let the game down, it’s the familiar problem of the initial stages being a bit dull, stuck in that cycle of build and upgrade, build and upgrade. It takes a fair bit of time to get going, partly because of the initial cycle, partly just because of the amazing amount of depth to the game. But once you’ve got everything in place and you’ve built up your Viking hordes, the action really takes off, with a dedicated combat mode of moves to scout the situations, decisions over which warriors you’ll be using, before you mobilise your forces and get everything in place to let the automated combat round kick off.

Vikings War of Clans is a really smart looking build and battle strategy game that’s got almost everything right, it’s got fabulous gameplay, it’s packed with features and has some really excellent graphics to put you completely inside this Viking realm.

Spin the reels and win your own Viking gold with the best Vikings slot game!

There are several Vikings slot game available online, all promising great play and big wins, but at JustGamers our favourite has to be the Vikings slot NetEnt game, one of the best slots around and, whether you play Vikings slot free or play for good old Viking gold, it’s the best of the Vikings slot games we’ve seen!

Vikings from NetEnt is based on the TV show and features stunning graphics, putting you in the right Viking frame of mind, ready to plunder those reels for gold! The game opens on beautifully dark Norse lands, a black crow perched ominously, before opening up the reels, featuring the four main characters from the show, Floki, Bjorn, Lagertha and Ragnar. It’s a 5 reel slot, with expansion play in Raid Spins mode to 7 reels, giving it an incredible 243 ways to 78,125 ways to win.

The Hotspot and Shield Wall features both reward you nicely, but you’re really looking for the Raid Spins feature, triggered with 3 Raid Spin symbols. Hit those and the reels expand to 7 and you get 7 free Raid Spins to play, giving you that 78,125 ways to win. Add in 3 Hotspots on the 7 reels and you’ve got a chance to land a huge win of up to 10,000 times your stake on each raid spin! That’s a sure way to land those Viking riches!

It looks incredible, plays really well and there’s plenty of Viking gold to plunder here! It’s playable on desktop or mobile, with chances online to play Vikings slot free, but with graphics this good we’d recommend you give these Viking reels a spin on desktop to really get the full impact of the game – it hits you like Thor’s hammer!

Play & win like a Viking with Viking: War of Clans and Vikings slot NetEnt

When you’re looking for some amazing Viking gameplay, we’re convinced that you’ll get all the action you could want from our two favourite Viking games; the epic spectacular that is the Vikings: War of Clans game and the great looking and great playing Vikings slots game. The NetEnt Vikings slot game is one of the most attractive we’ve seen, with great gameplay and the potential to win your own Viking pot of gold!

But, if you’re really after a great Viking experience, we can think of no better game than Vikings War of Clans! Like we told you in this Vikings: War of Clans review we think it’s that rarest of things; a MMORPG/RTS that plays as good as it looks. So, whether you’re a Viking: War of Clans game fan already or if we’ve convinced you to give it a try, make sure you check out our coverage for all the best Vikings: War of Clans tips and news.

And when the next great Vikings game comes out, you can be sure you’ll hear about it at JustGamers!