BitStarz Casino Games – The Highest Prizes and Jackpots at BitStarz Best Games

There’s plenty to see and do in the BitStarz casino, and as the platform’s tagline says, you’ll have the opportunity to ‘dream big, win bigger’. BitStarz features only the best casino games, from traditional table games and slots to a live casino and Bitcoin games – it is a crypto casino, after all. If you’ve been scouting for a new online gambling experience, then this guide shows why you should consider the BitStarz casino. It has so much to offer both new and veteran bettors.

Another advantage of online casinos is that they have a variety of games to play for incredible jackpot prizes online. For example, the BitStarz casino has over 3600 games – which can make it a little tough to decide which ones you should actually play. That’s why we’ve assembled this guide, to help you navigate the BitStarz casino and instantly pick only the most top-tier titles.

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BitStarz casino games

Best Games in the BitStarz Casino

If you read some of the numerous BitStarz Casino reviews online, you will discover that they house some of the best Bitcoin casino games. Each of these games has its own characteristics and offers very interesting prizes.

Let’s take a look at some of BitStarz Casino’s best games. We’re sure that there will be something on this list that you can play – and potentially turn a profit with.

Lightning Roulette

BitStarz Casino Games

It’s one thing to play roulette on your computer, but nothing compares to the thrill of participating in a live game. The little details give you goosebumps as you wait for the outcome, like watching that ball complete its rounds around the wheel and hearing the dealer announce, “No more bets.” These little details make Lightning Roulette one of the best BitStarz casino games you can play.

BitStarz allows you to have all of the thrills of Lightning Roulette without the hassles associated with going to a physical casino. We all know how annoying it is looking for parking and dealing with annoying people — it’s the best of both worlds, and it’s easily one of the best games on BitStarz.

Lightning Roulette gives you a wonderful chance to make money if you have patience. Because you will always have a chance to win, you may find yourself sitting at the table for several hours, reeling in cash.

Another compelling incentive to play Lightning Roulette is that you will instantly gain access to BitStarz Table Wars campaign every time you spin the wheel, with the potential to win €1,000 every week!

Standard odds apply to splits, corners, and outside bets. Straight-up bets on numbers that haven’t been struck by lightning will payout 30 times. Straight-up bets have an RTP of 97.10 percent, while all others have an RTP of 97.30 percent.

What a thrilling method to play the game of roulette in an online casino!

The addition of the lightning strikes adds a special touch and the opportunity to win even more money. Having the game play out in real-time amps up the thrill factor and being able to do it on a mobile device makes this one of BitStarz’s best games.

BetStarz’s Original Blackjack

blackjack originals bitstarz

Did you know that ’21’ is another name for blackjack?

BitStarz’s Originals Blackjack is the pinnacle of minimalism. You’ll see a column on the left and a table with a stack of cards when you start the game, and that’s it. There are no weird themes or elaborate settings; you, the dealer, and the cards are just you. 

There’s a section in the column where you may choose your bet limits and two buttons for a 2x bet and a half bet. You’ll see options like HIT, STAND, SPLIT, and DOUBLE once you place your wager and draw your cards (down). 

There are two legends on the table. “Blackjack pays 3 to 2“, one adds, while the other says, “Insurance pays 2 to 1“.

The SETTINGS cogwheel is located on the bottom left and allows you to control the volume. You may also turn on and off features like the instant bet option and the maximum bet. Finally, you may customize the hotkeys and view game information, rules, live stats, and history. 

There are no limits to the number of decks used in this game. You can split just once, and you can’t hit on split aces. You can double on a split, and any of the first two cards dealt, except for 21/Blackjack.

It’s all regular blackjack from here on out, so I won’t detail how to play. You’ve got this! 

BlackJack remains one of the best BitStarz Casino games because it has a 99.5 percent RTP and low volatility. Better than a lot of crypto betting games!

Wolf Gold Slot


Wolf Gold Slot is a casino game with a twist. With great audio-visuals, BitStarz has outdone itself with this one. It features an abundance of free spins whenever a player acquires 3 scatters. It also has 5 reels and 3 columns, all with 25 pay lines.

In addition to usual payouts, the Wolf Gold Slot has a respin function that allows you to win any of the three jackpots, all while you are playing the game. Wolf Gold Slot is a game where a player was lucky enough to go from $ 78 to approximately $ 94,000 in just a few minutes.

Lucky Coins Slot

bitstarz lucky coins slot

The Lucky Coins Slot is a game with its origins in Asian culture. It has a 5 reel and 10 pay-line games. It also features scatters that payout at all locations. Landing 3 scatters you 15 free spins, and guess what? All 15 of those spins come with a 3x multiplier.

Different dragon symbols and inscribed gold coins are featured in the game, which proves to be a sign of good fortune to any participant. It is a well-known game on the platform. It’s also the game where one lucky player walked away with $118,396.

At first appearance, this appears to be a straightforward slot with limited features. However, if you dig a bit further, you’ll discover a hidden jewel with some unique player incentives.

Honestly, the Lucky Coins slot isn’t just one of BitStarz’s best games. It offers some of the best slots on BitStarz.

Mega Fortune

bitstarz casino best games

If there is a list of BitStarz’s best games, this one will be on it.

Mega Fortune is a game that takes you into a glamorous world. You are treated like royalty. Casino players can feel right at home due to its elegance. Players are transported to what seems like another planet. It is a world where you can enjoy all of life’s positives without drawbacks. This game provides players with luxuries not found in other slot games. 

Besides its fancy-looking exterior, Mega Fortune is a highly successful slot game that offers mega riches thanks to its massive jackpot payout. Mega Fortune is the game that earned BitStarz a world-breaking record jackpot.

BitStarz Casino Games – Try Your Luck

According to BitStarz, some of their clientele have won huge amounts of Bitcoin playing any of the many games on their website. Not too long ago, a gamer on BitStarz won the largest amount of Bitcoin ever (150 bitcoins!) ever at any crypto online casino

So, while online casino games like BitStarz are not for the general populace, if you enjoy them and are lucky enough to win big, BitStarz games provide a way for you to make huge money with small inputs.

Don’t forget – if you want to learn much more about playing real money games online, check out the rest of our guides.

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