Luckbox Casino Games – Top 10 Best Slots at Luckbox

You may think that Luckbox is all about esports betting, but we’re here to talk about Luckbox casino games. There are literally hundreds of awesome casino games at this gambling site. So we’ve prepared a handy guide that’ll help you find the best games to play.

But wait! Is Luckbox casino legit? It sure is. Just because it lets you gamble with crypto doesn’t mean that Luckbox is a dangerous and unlicensed casino. Instead, Luckbox is licensed by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission meaning that everything from the simplest slot machine to the most advanced live dealer game is 100% fair. You can discover more about some of the table gaming options in our Luckbox review, but for now, take a look below at our pick of the best slots at Luckbox!

Rednex K.O. – Cotton Eye Joe

Luckbox Casino Games Rednex Ko Cotton Eye Joe

We’re not sure how many fans of the 1990s one-hit wonders Rednex will be playing at Luckbox casino, but if any are, then they’re going to love the Rednex K.O slot. Thankfully it’s not all about terrible techno-country crossovers, as it’s actually one of the best slots at Luckbox. This is because Rednex K.O is packed full of fun features like dancing wilds that’ll help you rack up way more big wins. Plus the Green Jade Games title has a pretty good RTP of 95.1% to keep you entertained.

Alien K.O.

Aliex KO Slot

We can’t have a list of the best Luckbox slots without mentioning Alien K.O. It’s fair to say that this slot’s cartoon graphics are a lot less scary than the Alien movie franchise, but that doesn’t mean that Alien K.O is any less exciting. With 50 paylines, it’s a game that’ll keep you coming back for more, and even the RTP of 95.08% isn’t too scary.

Bier Party

Luckbox Casino Games Bier Party Slot

Like beer and slot games? Then you’ll love Bier Party. We’re not advising that you go chasing after that big slot win after a few pints, but this game will definitely get you in the mood for celebrating. It’s a game from Pariplay and it’s pretty easy to hit those multipliers to make some impressive wins.  Plus with a 96.25% RTP, Bier Party will keep you amused until the next Oktoberfest. Just don’t blame us for the hangover after you play one too many rounds of Bier Party!

Emeralds of Oz

Emeralds of Oz LuckBox Casino Game

To be honest, there aren’t too many slot games that are based on the Wizard of Oz, so we have to credit Luckbox casino for trying something different here. This slot has got rising multipliers, a healthy RTP of 96.21% and even a cool free spins mode. All of which are presented in wonderful technicolour for your gaming entertainment and it’ll definitely make you want to watch the original Hollywood classic movie.

The Secret Order

The Secret Order Luckbox Slot

Still trying to figure out what the Da Vinci Code was all about? Then you’ll love The Secret Order. This is a pretty unique slot game that offers something a little different from most other Luckbox casino games. After all, while it has a standard 20 paylines and an RTP of 94.32%, it can still serve up a mysteriously high win of 4,400x!

Wild Fortunes

Wild Fortunes Slot

You can’t really be the best crypto casino unless you’ve got a slot game with a fair amount of leprechauns, shamrocks and other luck-of-the-Irish-themed imagery. Thankfully, Wild Fortunes sits nicely amidst all of the other Luckbox casino games as it comes from Pariplay ensuring great gameplay and the maximum win of 2,500x doesn’t hurt either!

Casino Blocks Arcade

Casino Blocks Arcade Luckbox Casino

This is a pretty interesting slot game that tries to approximate something like a regular arcade game. To be fair, we’re not sure that the gameplay of Casino Blocks Arcade comes anywhere close to Tetris, but it’s actually one of the best slots at Luckbox. This is because its 8×8 interface is great fun and pretty good at paying out thanks to the 96.15% RTP.

Dragons of the North Deluxe

Dragons of the North Deluxe Casino Game

To be honest, we’ve lost count of how many online casino games are based on dragons, but thankfully Dragons of the North Deluxe is one of the best. We’re not sure what’s deluxe about this slot, apart from the fact that there are 50 paylines and things get very interesting once you land upon the Golden Dragon Egg!

Goddess of Fortunes

Goddess of Fortune Luckbox Casino Games

Do we really need another slot game based on ‘the mysteries of ancient Egypt?’ Well, it looks like we do as Luckbox casino has Goddess of Fortunes waiting for you. This features plenty of pyramids, statues of Anubis and glammed-up Cleopatras for you to gawp at while you spin the reels. It’s another 5×3 slot from Pariplay and it offers you a reasonable 243 ways to win. Plus with a generous RTP of 96.22%, you’ll have a great time playing this historical slot game.

King Koko’s Quest

King Koko's Quest Slot

OK so the name of this game is a pretty poor lift-off of the King Kong franchise, but King Koko’s Quest is actually one of the best slots at Luckbox. This is because the slot has an RTP of 96.24% which makes it way more generous at paying out than most other slots. Other cool features of this Pariplay slot include 40 paylines, free spins, walking wilds, and a whole lot more. So that even if you aren’t a fan of gorillas, we think that you’ll have a great time playing King Koko’s Quest.

The Christmas Slot

The Christmas Slot Luckbox Casino

Christmas comes just one time a year, and if that’s now, then you should definitely try your luck on The Christmas Slot. Even if it’s at the height of summer, you could still enjoy this fun slot game. It’s another Green Jade Games title meaning that it’s got all of the fun cartoon graphics you’d expect along with the regular 20 paylines. But with a whopping RTP of 97.1% you’ll definitely want to get The Christmas Slot in your stocking on Christmas morning.