Lost Relics: Explore the World of Talmuth

The Lost Relics game is a particularly vivacious free-to-play blockchain-based RPG. Taking the format of a dungeon crawler, it’s great fun and has a lot to offer to fans of both crypto and gaming. The game is based around NFTs. NFT gaming is a type of game where users actually truly own the assets they get their hands on in-game.

That means that the assets don’t stay with the developers, but rather genuinely belong to the user. They’re stored in crypto wallets – in the case of Lost Relics, they’re stored in your personal crypto wallet. The items you can find in Lost Relics include equipment, weapons, tokens, emblems, and more. They’re all numbered – so, if 545 of them can be discovered, once all of them have been claimed, you won’t be able to get your hands on any of them anymore, unless you buy them from someone else.

The NFTs are minted through gameplay – and some of them are even unique, meaning only one of them will ever be in existence. Even skins and cosmetic items are limited in number, and you can always check how many are available in total, and how many have already been claimed.

Image credit: Lost Relics

The Tokens

Lost Relics NFTs, as frequently seen in crypto games, are a central part of the game, but they’re not the only implementation for crypto in the game. In addition to the NFTs, you’ll also need ETH, ENJ and JENJ, and Shadowstones. Shadowstones are identical to JENJ and can freely be swapped back and forth in-game. The different tokens are all used for different purposes, such as paying for transaction fees, buying things off the secondary market and so on.

The game itself is free-to-play meaning you don’t need to pay for anything to get started. You can earn gold coins, shadowstones and NFTs even without an investment to begin with. Items drop randomly, so you don’t have any kind of guarantee of how much and when you’ll be able to earn, but there are some quite valuable items in the mix! For those who want to play more and access additional features, there are membership options that do cost. The membership options give access to adventures, skills, and even more items – and the membership tokens can be traded between accounts as well.

Image credit: Lost Relics

Lost Relics Gameplay

As mentioned, Lost Relics is an RPG, a dungeon crawler. Users explore, do quests, and fight enemies. There are chests, crates, barrels and more interactive environment elements. Monsters respawn and are different each time you go on an adventure, so each trip is unique – and among them can be special encounters that offer particular challenges in exchange for a particularly rare relic or item. There will also be ongoing seasonal events in certain areas of the game that users can take part in – and as with any RPG, the gameplay choices are up to the player. From outfits to pets to weapons, it’s all up to you how you go about exploring the Lost Relics world.