Mines of Dalarnia: P2E Game Review

Crypto-based action-adventure game Mines of Dalarnia combines different gameplay elements like mining, crafting, and fighting to create a fun play-to-earn experience. The alpha version of the game is already available and it can be played for free on the website since it is a browser-based game. Users don’t need to pay to play, though they will be limited in how far they can progress their gameplay.

With a proper Chromia Vault setup (the wallet used to store keys, assets and tokens) you can play the game normally and progress past level 3, though there are some restrictions on what users can obtain in regards to materials.

The Gameplay Mechanics

Mining and collecting are central gameplay elements in Dalarnia. Resources are stored underground to be discovered. Different land has different resources of course, and resources are needed in order to make and manufacture new things. Different terrains have different enemies as well, increasing the difficulty that players have to face to get their stuff. The basic mining will be in the form of a 2D platformer, and users can break blocks to mine and damage enemies. Levels are procedurally generated making them different each time.

The other element to the game is land ownership, which you could be familiar with from other crypto games like Axie Infinity, The Sandbox and others. Owning a piece of land (an investment in the game) gives additional opportunities to earn. Players are able to pick whichever type of land they want, from terrestrial, lava, ice, and darkness, then they will then receive tokens, tools or mineral airdrops based on what and how much land they own. Additionally, Mines of Dalarnia also features a tax element – landowners can collect taxes from players who mine on their land.

Image credit: Mines of Dalarnia

The Crypto Aspects of Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalarnia has its own crypto wallet called Chromia Vault, where in-game items and NFTs are stored. Minerals that are mined are stored in the wallet, as are the relics users may come across while mining. The game doesn’t supply any sort of appearance-related NFTs or cosmetic items, eliminating a popular type of NFT that is otherwise usually part of crypto games.

What it does have is a dedicated utility token – the $DAR token is used in key functions of the economics of the game. Of course, the Mines of Dalarnia token also serves other purposes, such as letting them make purchases in the marketplace. There, they can acquire missing resources and things they need for their further journeys – and for landowners, there are additional options when it comes to selling whatever materials their land gives them the most of!

Image credit: Mines of Dalarnia

The Visuals and the Impact

Mines of Dalarnia has a pretty unique look that’s part cartoon and part stylised platformer. It combines colours, simple graphics and well-crafted animations and textures into a simple but nice to look at package. The game isn’t at all resource-intensive, meaning that even weaker and older computers will be able to play it without any issue.

This makes the game more accessible to further audiences, whereas a more demanding game might not be. Generally, the rules and setup of Mines of Dalarnia are quite simple, making it easy to pick it up and play on the fly. As far as NFT games go, Mines of Dalarnia may still be in alpha, but it looks like a solid contender in the more and more populated world of NFTs.