LCK 2022 Spring Standings

We are in the middle of the fourth week of LCK 2022 Spring Split and T1 are leading the competition with dominance without a single loss.

The esports tournament, LCK 2022 Spring Split, has been full of surprises starting with the off-season. Almost every team decided to rebuild their roster before the first day of the season and signed big names to win the trophy in the end. However, T1 made one change, promoting their top laner to the main roster and also parting ways with their substitute players. They have played seven games so far and they are at the top of the standings, undefeated.


Team Name Wins Losses
1 T1 7 0
2 Gen.G 6 1
3 DWG KIA 4 3
4 DRX 4 3
5 KT Rolster 3 4
6 Nongshim RedForce 3 4
7 Fredit Brion 3 4
8 Hanwha Life Esports 2 5
9 Liiv SANDBOX 2 5
10 Kwangdong Freecs 1 6

Top 4 Contenders

T1 are the solid leaders as we have reached half of LCK 2022 Spring Week 4. Following them in second place, Gen.G are also a great contender for the trophy this year. Doran, Peanut, Chovy, Ruler, and Lehends formed one of the greatest chemistries in the league, even though it is not always optimal to fill a roster with a bunch of big players. Gen.G’s chemistry proves the point that any super team could be successful if every player put their egos aside.

One of the recent years’ most dominant League of Legends teams, DWG KIA, are sitting in third place right after T1 and Gen.G with four wins and three losses. Despite keeping Canyon and ShowMaker within the roster, DWG made changes regarding the top and bottom sides of the rift. It looks like they are still having issues with game plans and macro.

On the other hand, DRX had surprising performances against their opponents this year to match DWG with four wins and three losses. However, they lost more games in BO3’s compared to DWG so they are sitting right behind their opponents. The Deft-BeryL bottom lane looks decent and they have a huge part in DRX’s success.

Playoff Participants

With Aria joining in, KT Rolster have also shifted gear this season but Nongshim RedForce and Fredit Brion also have the same win and loss statistically. These three teams are battling against each other for the playoffs spot. Right behind the trio, Hanwha Life Esports trying to do their best after Chovy’s departure. With their fairly young roster, HLE are trying to adapt. Liiv Sandbox are also another team trying to adapt to each other with all their young players. Lastly, LCK’s latest member, Kwangdong Freecs are in the last place with a single win throughout the season.

Apart from big names changing teams, we have also seen youngsters proving their capabilities against these players. T1’s top laner Zeus, who appears to be a great example considering his team’s situation, has been playing out of his mind individually to help his team achieve their goals. The fourth week will be over in two days and T1 will play against Gen.G, their biggest opponents this year. However, new weeks are going to start for LCS and LEC in the upcoming days!