Final Fantasy 14 to release patch 6.0, features new deep dungeons

Final Fantasy 14 is set to have more dungeons confirmed by Japanese video game producer Naoki Yoshida earlier at this weekend’s Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival.

Additional dungeons of the game will arrive sometime with the patch 6.0 updates after players have been waiting for more dungeons adventure of the game. There is no official announcement about the exact release date, how many deep dungeons, or more detailed information about what it will look like.

Yoshida said that “many people around the world wanted more deep dungeons” and with that being said, new updates are expected to arrive in a couple of months.

Final Fantasy 14 is known to only host two deep dungeons. The first deep dungeon, Palace of the Dead with 200 floors, located in the Black Shroud was released in patch 3.35. The second deep dungeon, Heaven-on-High with 100 floors, located in the Ruby Sea came with patch 4.35.

Square Enix’s success with Final Fantasy 14

The game has become Square Enix’s most profitable game in the Final Fantasy series. Yoshida had claimed that the game has exceeded 24 million players.

Up to this point, Final Fantasy 14 alongside post-release updates, the game only has four major expansion packs; Heavensward (2015), Stormblood (2017), Shadowbringers (2019), and Endwalker (2021).

The latest expansion release, Endwalker, is so successful that it overloaded the game’s online server and developer Square Enix had to suspend sales until the server congestion issue was fixed.

The game is now available after the developer has fixed the congestion issue to keep up with the high demand and manage new players entering the game.

Mishap with past version

Final Fantasy 14 is Square Enix’s MMORPG, initially released back in 2010 for Microsoft Windows and PS3. The 2010 release version was considered a commercial and critical failure. The version replacement was released in 2013 instead with a new team led by Yoshida.

Yoshida puts the previous failure as “Square Enix’s mindset that every problem could be patched” since the game has major flaws from the start where fixing when the game is running seems impossible with its framework.

Yoshida is pivotal in the success of the game, bringing fortunes to the developer even after poor reviews, and criticism shortly after the game was released in 2013. Yoshida and his team had tried their best pushing content for the original game, although it was eventually shut down in November 2012.

In developing the 2013 version, Yoshida addressed criticisms of the previous game and features a new game engine, improved server and online infrastructure, revamped gameplay, story, and many more. The team succeeded as their new game received positive reviews for its solid game mechanics and progression.

The 2013 version release expands to supper other platforms such as PS4, PS5, and macOS. The story takes place in the fictional land of Eorzea five years after the 2010 release. The primal dragon Bahamut escapes from the lunar prison to set forward an apocalyptic event, Seventh Umbral Calamity, which destroys huge parts of Eorzea.

The player with the god’s blessing escapes the devastation five years travel into the future. As Eorzea recovers and builds itself, the player must help to deal with the imminent threat of invasion from the north by the Garlean Empire.