LCS 2020 Spring: Will the region get a boost this year?

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The LCS 2020 spring starts with everything for the third consecutive year in North America. This tournament runs under the direct organization of Riot Games and with the sponsorship of companies such as State Farm, Alienware, Red Bull, Green Park Sports, and Honda. This year’s LCS spring changed a lot while most teams prepare themselves with new formulas to send the LCS winners into the wild at League of Legends Worlds 2020.

About our new LCS 2020 Spring format

As for the format of this tournament, most elements will remain the same during spring.

As usual, 10 teams will participate in a double round-robin. In the end, there will be six selected teams who qualify for the final playoffs. Furthermore, the four teams at the top will play the winner’s bracket of the tournament while the last two teams in play will get a chance in the loser’s bracket.

LCS 200 spring

The Schedule of LCS 2020 Spring did change

During the 2020 league of legends championship series, you can see all games played on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays starting on January 25th featuring the new introduction of Academy LCS 2020 spring matchups which will be part of the new Monday night league.

Furthermore, you can watch the academy games on Fridays Saturdays Sundays and Mondays. Also, a new show joints the LCS 2020 schedule under the name of academy rush which will air on Friday nights.

In this way, our tournament format will end up splitting the games along 3 days each week for only 4 weeks making the LCS 2020 schedule shorter than usual.

LCS offseason roster changes 2020

As you would expect, there have been many changes made by most teams to catch up with the competition, except for team liquid, which after having the longest run since the existence of the league, has simply preferred to keep most of its team intact.

So let’s go into a little more detail regarding the changes that have been made to the 10 participating teams and how they may affect the results and all League of legends betting fans:

Team Liquid

Team Liquid keeps the formula for LCS 2020 spring. They demonstrate that they do not appreciate risk at all. Team Liquid has chosen to replace Xmithie with Broxah in the jungle. This is apparently to further boost the team to fill it with champions. Let’s bear in mind that Mads reached the World Cup final in 2018 and played in the quarterfinals against a FunPlus Phoenix.


While this team didn’t have much luck in the domestic titles, yet it has shown a fairly reliable performance in the tier 1 championship series. In this preseason, the team only replaced their oldest player Sneaky, letting Zven join the team who, together with Vulcan, prepare a brand new combination in the bot Lane.

Evil Geniuses

This newly formed team did its best to discard their previous line-up for the LCS 2020 spring. The one they had under the name of echo Fox. This way, in November ESPN sports, declared that evil geniuses had acquired 4 members from cloud9. This trade included Svenskeren and Zeyzal, both top LCS professionals.


After really making a name for themselves by reaching the semi-finals of the 2019 spring season they decided to risk the synergy at the bottom of the map by adding to PowerOfEvil and IgNar to their rost. Keeping in mind that their previous development in 2019 was mainly thanks to the carrying of the Santorin’s jungle. The new duo at the bottom is a good idea, given they even came to face SKT in 2017.

100 thieves

A team that reached the finals with their first formation in 2018 and was left with the LCS title in their sights decided it was time to return to that old formation by bringing back some key pieces of the team they used for this season.

If something works, why fix it?

This way the initial roster of 100 thieves for this spring season of the LCS counts with the presence of Ssumday in the top, Meteos in the jungle and Cody Sun in the bot lane. All which have shown a nice synergy in the past.

Golden Guardians

Another big change is made in the initial roster of this team. Starring the return of FBI in the bot lane, Goldenglue in mid and Closer in the jungle. Apparently what Golden Guardians is looking for this season is to improve the synergy by concentrating known players in the center of the map.


A complete and new immortal line-up enters the play. This spring Immortals run with a risky formula which somehow keeps them from being the favorites for this tournament. Although anything can happen with Eika and Altec in the center of the map.


After showing us a “not very graceful” performance in the 2019 World Cup, TSM has decided to bring back the Biofrost support while they take Dardoch off the bench in the jungle position. Not much of a change, but this adds new possibilities as Dardoch is already a “fan favorite”.


After a lousy 2019, they even changed their name from Clutch Gaming. Also, the team was left with only Huni in it to defend the top Lane.

Furthermore, Dignitas managed to design a new roster for its 2020 start. This new party combines the strength of some old-school pros and some new faces. For their part, the “new guys” Grig and Johnsun, will take the stand of the jungle and bot Lane respectively.

Expectations about this team aren’t precisely exciting for the fans, yet they could manage to break their bad streak and surprise everyone this season.


After having Kim “Ruin” in and enjoying a better summer 2019, CLG decided to give him space. The election of Wiggly (Jungle), Stixxay (Bot) and Smoothie (Support) may mean that they are trying to improve synergy over the bot and mid lanes. This is giving Ruin space to grow as a Top Laner.

Overall all teams changed a lot for this season

All these changes may add or subtract overall performance. On the other hand, Team Liquid remains in their best streak ever. Yet, there seems to be some disparity with so many changes starting this season.

This way, we may say that Team Liquid is still the favorite for the LCS 2020 spring.

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