GalaxyBlitz releases details of NFT mystery boxes

GameFi project GalaxyBlitz has released details of its most awaited upcoming NFT mystery boxes. The project’s NFT mystery boxes will come with different levels of rarity, sold at various exchanges and launchpads.

With an unspecified release date, GalaxyBlitz’s NFT mystery boxes offer quite a number of utilities and can be used as in-game items. The developer behind the project predicted a majority of the game’s players would line up to unbox their mystery boxes and get themselves involved in GalaxyBlitz’s gaming ecosystem.

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GalaxyBlitz’s mystery boxes will be made available on Binance NFT, OKX, 1BOX,, LBank, NFTb, Synapse Network, Babylons, and the project’s official website. The team has yet to release any information about the release window but provided a sneak peek.

Moreover, players interested to experience GalaxyBlitz triple-A visuals may participate in the project’s online beta test, available only for NFT holders.

GalaxyBlitz is a play-to-earn, combat strategy massive multiplayer game where players can gather, farm, or purchase in-game materials using the project’s governance token called MIT. These items are GalaxyBlitz’s NFTs—they vary from characters, starships, and weapons, which all are available for purchase.

Users may get their hands on MIT on a CEX and DEX via the project’s official website. Meanwhile, free-to-play users may also be able to get the currency by completing in-game missions and unlocking achievements.

MIT is the project’s verse functional and governance token. The team claimed that the currency’s valuation will witness a steep growth of $100 million by 2027 from only $10 million in 2022.

The team revealed the project’s governance currency in late 2019. It was made available in Q1 this year, while the release window status of GalaxyBlitz’s NFT mystery boxes is still classified.

“Galaxy Blitz is our upcoming Play-To-Earn strategy NFT game where we combine the use of real-world, usable tokens with high-octane gameplay and extensive history and lore for a unique player experience,” the developer team said in the project’s whitepaper.

GalaxyBlitz’s development, roadmap

The team confirmed that unlike the majority of blockchain-based video games that prioritize the largest token holder as part of the development, all players that contribute to the game would be invited onboard,

“The primary revenue stream of Galaxy Blitz will derive from gaming protocols and NFT sales. Which at the heart of those figures will be our player base. Unlike most blockchain projects, the largest holder of game tokens will not be our internal team but rather any and all future players and organizations that contribute and support the GalaxyBlitzVerse,” the developer explained.

GalaxyBlitz’s development stages span five years. The project’s roadmap began this year and ends in 2026. This year, GalaxyBlitz just wrapped its marketing and recruitment of game developers in Q1. While in Q2, the development team released GalaxyBlitz’s CEX and DEX, released Demo B, and issued its Planet NFTs.

Their roadmap suggests that Q3 will be scheduled for the PVP feature and staking module in addition to the release of Demo C. Moreover, in Q4, the team will focus primarily on developing the project’s AR features for NFTs.