MetaCity M announces schedule, pricing for second NFT virtual land sale

MetaCity M, the world’s first open-world mobile metaverse game by Gamamobi, has revealed the schedule and pricing for its second round of NFT virtual land sales.

In addition to the news about land sales, the team also announced a new development update, giving players an early look at Gamamobi’s metaverse environment.

Second NFT Land sale date

The second land NFT pre-sale will begin on May 9 at 00:00 EDT/23:00 CDT/21:00 PDT. Titan, the first planet in MetaCity M, will have 60,000 lots available for purchase. Credit card purchases will also be accessible for land purchases (WETH 0.17).

There are five distinct sections for each plot of land in MetaCity M. A total of 60,000 Land Investor Certificate NFTs will be made available for players to invest in the game’s 12,000 plots of land. With a Land Investor Certificate NFT, players can profit from a percentage of the rent collected on game-retained land, allowing them to earn “Meta Coins” in-game.

In the second round of pre-sales, players will be able to purchase land adjacent to the MetaCity M global model and become its neighbors after the purchase.

NFT integration allows the Land Investor Certificate NFT to be freely traded along with income benefits that will be transferred to the new owner. For a small investment, players can gain access to game-retained S-grade land and potentially make a substantial profit.

Buyers will be eligible for two limited edition model-themed products two months after purchasing lands in the second wave of MetaCity M’s pre-sale. The sales will also include a limited-edition item called Global model’s Holographic Music Decoration and an interior poster given freely by airdrops.

MetaCity M features

Each planet in MetaCity M has more than 1,600 towns, 690 second-class cities, 55 first-class cities, and a world full of adventure with more than 510 million square kilometers of land.

In MetaCity M, players can live next door to their friends and travel worldwide in their cars, on foot, or by plane. Moreover, the player can even travel to other worlds in a spacecraft. The player will be able to mix and match their house designs according to their preferences, down to the colors and details of the doors, windows, walls, and other architectural elements in their home.

Gamamobi has its own idea of using virtual asset protection and international transfers through NFT technology. For example, the game was customized so that players can create their own decorations for houses, clothes, personalities, furniture, and pets, and then mint them into NFTs. This is arguably one of the most exciting features of MetaCity M.

In order to construct a truly comfortable and convenient metropolis, each and every person must participate in the growth of the universe. Every town in MetaCity M will have a public construction project that can be completed with the help of the inhabitants. These features include a wide range of establishments such as restaurants, food trucks, and airports as well as long-distance railways and entertainment venues.

MetaCity M further blurs the divide between the virtual and the real world by allowing users to interact with places they are familiar with in the real world.